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by: Adam Smith


RB Leipzig are waiting for Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League quarter-finals. You can find out when the games will take place and all information about the games from SPOX.

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Champions League, RB Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur: dates, dates, matches

There is a real bang waiting for Julian Nagelsmann and RB Leipzig: in the eighth final of the Champions League, the bulls face Jose Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur.

The dates in the ‘overview’:

Date Time Home Guest Stadium
February 1920 9 p.m. Tottenham Hotspur RB Leipzig Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
10. Murz 2020 9 p.m. RB Leipzig Tottenham Hotspur Red Bull Arena

RB Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur on TV and livestream: ‘Transmissions’

Thanks to the DAZN And Sky The “transmissions of the CL-Achtelfinal-Games between the two broadcasters” become the ‘transmissions.

Fer the games of RB Leipzig: The hinspiel shows DAZN, the rack game is available exclusively at SkyMore detailed information about the ‘transmissions of the CL-Achtelfinals can be found yesterday.

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