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First meeting between ProLiga and F-ON for the 2aB Convention – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


This Thursday took place at the headquarters of Proliga, the patron saint of the clubs of Second Division B and Third Division National, the first meeting prior to the framework of the negotiating table at which it will renew the Collective Agreement of 2nd B. As Footballers ON reported a month ago, he reported to the Directorate General of Labour the Collective Convention for the Activity of the Professional Footballer in Second Division B, since it dates no less than 1989 and no agency had reported it since.

The statement of Futbolistas ON summarizes this meeting as follows:

“Proliga and On Footballer representatives exchanged views on the current situation of this important category of Spanish football in general, its players, its clubs… as well as the composition of the negotiating table and the different articles encompassing a Convention that must be thoroughly reviewed and updated.

In this way, we have set up the third week of next January 2020 in order to set up the aforementioned negotiating table and to update this outdated agreement, which ignores many of the benefits and improvements of work currently enjoyed by other workers.

From Futbolistas ON we deeply regret that this first contact with the employer of Second B did not want to attend the Spanish Footballers Association (AFE), who notified his absence ten minutes before the meeting began, claiming, inter alia, that they did not consider the date chosen for their holding appropriate.

Futbolistas ON not only is he proud as a union to be able to carry out one of the premises with which he was founded, and that is none other than to provide improvements in the rights of l@s footballers of the most disadvantaged categories of Spanish football, but we also consider that too much time has passed since 1989 to wait longer for the players of Second B continue to have a collective agreement that discusses compulsory military service and pesetas…”