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First round of Copa del Rey: results and qualifiers – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The first round of Copa del Rey didn’t disappoint anyone. While only the Alavés was eliminated from the 16 representatives of the First Division, a total of nine Second Team teams were eliminated against lower tier clubs: Málaga, Almería, Sporting, Lugo, Oviedo, Numancia, Racing, Alcorcón and Extremadura. The SmartBank League was surpassed by the most modest and some of those who passed sweated blood to achieve it: Rayo Vallecano, Tarazona… On Thursday afternoon, in fact, there was one of the biggest surprises. Tamaraceite eliminated José María Gutierrez with an Asdrubal goal in overtime, after Maras tied in the time off. Nearby also came to fall the Ponferradine, but resolved it in extra time. The First, however, dominated with an iron fist and won their matches by more than one goal ahead.

Cultural Leonesa 3 – Las Rozas 0

On the balance balancer rope spent the first half hour Cultural Leonesa and Las Rozas. Something better visitors first, one apex above the locals afterwards. The scale swayed when Ismael knocked Down Sergio Benito inside the area. The protagonist transformed the maximum penalty and awakened the roar of the Kingdom of Leon. But no one’s area kept sending and danger only came from the ball stopped. Isma saved the second with a great stop; useless when Augusto Galván marked a rejection after a shot at Benito’s stick and Julen Castañeda sentenced with an unappealable headbutt to the center of Martinez. The prize for the goal only came to the locals, even though the duel was much more even than the electronic. Las Rozas bids farewell and the ‘Cultu’ will continue their adventure. He didn’t get used to playing away from the elite and is now preparing to welcome the best.

Amorebieta 0 – Badajoz 1

In the Municipal of Urritxe, there was one of the strangest phenomena of the first round of Copa del Rey. As soon as we start the encounter, Orozko shot the stick in what was a prelude to what would come to come. The Amorebieta, even without clearly mastering ball possession, fired a total of nine times in the first half hour meeting. Before the break, some more chut and a possible penalty per unmarked hand, which the entity vigorously asked for through their social networks. The Badajoz counter-punched in the second half, not on the lawn, where it continued to receive rain from occasions, but on Twitter, where they claimed a Expulsion by harsh entrance to Arthur. The arbitral decision also did not affect their players, who resisted stoically. Follow and Amorrortu missed the lighter occasions of the final stretch, already with more hope than football in their boots. The Amorebieta didn’t deserve it, but he says goodbye to the KO tournament.

Peña Deportiva 0 – Ponferradina 1

Ten Second teams continued and eight fell in the attempt in the previous two rounds. In other and other ways, Ponferradine knew the reality she was facing and the real risk He had of being eliminated. He showed caution on the lawn, but football was surpassed by moments. Cristeto came close to scoring for lack, at the best and almost only occasion of the first half. The second was ruled by the same defeaters. The only doorshot of the ‘Ponfe’ was even blushing. Thus, the overtime was reached with the impression that the two teams played every weekend in the same fields. But everything changed when Luciano was ejected for double yellow as soon as he ripped off the extra time. La Peña Deportiva resisted in Santa Eulalia and made merits to take advantage of the playoff, but, at ten, was powerless. Three minutes after the red one, Kaxe celebrated the first and only one of the party. The one who gave the ponferradine the classification and the one who avoided a new slump from a Second Division.

Rayo Majadahonda 1 – Racing Ferrol 0

Tenth anniversary for Ferrol Racing in Copa, where he chains ten consecutive years losing: Murcia (2017), Villanovense (2015), Mirandés (2014), Caudal (2013), Ponferradina (2008), Xerez (2007), Badalona (2006), Alcoyano (2005) and Lanzarote (2004). The goal of Jesús Campayo in 55′ gave the pass to the Majariego ensemble, which occupies the fourth place in group I of Second B, where the Galician team (seventh) also plays. In their group in the bronze category they have not yet faced each other. They will do so on January 5th in A Malata. For now, the Madrid team advances in the KO round.

Merida 0 – La Nucía 1 (Suspended)

Fofo Enríquez’s goal from the penalty spot is of how unremarkable it happened with the ball in play at the Roman Stadium. Juanji fell down into the area and the collegiate pointed maximum penalty. Soon after, the party had to be stopped by the temporary fort ravaging the city. Unfortunately, however, the causes were more serious than the footballing discomfort of the protagonists. A lighting turret, much to fear those present, began to give symptoms of instability. Faced with the risk of falling, the mourning immediately stopped. Club sources confirmed to AS that at no time was it intended to resume the contest and their dispute has been announced for the next 8 January.

Laredo 0 – Huesca 1

When both teams were already thinking about overtime, Christ scored in ’81 in the small area to Joaquin’s pass. The Michel team suffered more than the bill to the leader of Group III in the Third Division. The upgrade gap didn’t seem so much on the St. Loreno’s lawn. In the ’90’, Yáñez avoided the tie with a paradon to Altadill. On the rebound, Miguelon also aborted the attack in extremis. With time over, an angry protest by Borja Ares caused his expulsion and left Laredo with 10 footballers on the pitch. Huesca is already expecting a match for 1/32 final in Copa del Rey.

Llagostera 0 – Haro Deportivo 1

The Haro Deportivo, 11th qualified in the group II of Second B, knocked down the Llagostera, eighth in the group III of the bronze category, thanks to a goal by Javi Duro in the 117th minute. A whole party for the whole of Rioja in Catalan lands. Haro last season earned the right to play this competition. After 105 seasons, Haro Deportivo were able to champion Third and signed a historic promotion after an apotheotic final against Zamora.

Tamaraceite 3 – Almería 2

Guti’s Almería planted an eleven with players who were called to be key in the season: Coric, Appiah, Gassama… However, it didn’t help. They started attacking, but the first was starred Zizu, who was made a great stop by René. He sighed relieved the visiting team with the Ozornwafor goal head-to-center Aguza. As the minutes passed, the Almerians continued to command, but in fear of having only one rent goal. Zizu tied in 76′ and Eros made the second one five minutes later. José María Gutiérrez and his technical staff had a gesture of perplexity on the bench. A Third Division team had taken them back in an instant. Maras starred in the miracle, Coric in service. At the discount, he put the tables and the duel went to overtime. In it, to everyone’s surprise, Asdruba scored the third. The magic and surrealism of the Cup: he lifted his shirt celebrating and was ejected for second yellow. Insuptituent, since Guti’s stayed on the shore. Surpriser.

Linares 1 – Girona 2

It was a trap match for Girona. Not only for the experience of the other Teams of the Second Division, but for raising an eleven with quite a substitutes and seeing the faces with one of the leading teams of Third. Soon, he discovered he had reason to be concerned. Lara scored 13 minutes into the game and made things very difficult for her.. Not just for the refore, but for matching the contest in possession and testing more times the goal of Asier Risk. Martí can smile calmly: Has a guarantee cabinet background that knew how to move on muddy soil. Marc Gual tied in 49′ and placed his people in the next phase in ’73‘. Stuani nor traveled and it was necessary to prove that there was no need for Uruguayan. Missing made and the Cup ticket too.

Cornellá 0 (4) – Orihuela 0 (5)

The final party of the first round of Copa del Rey was held in the Municipal of Cornellá. It was the last game to finish, despite starting before four other duels. On the lawn, there was a tremendous paradox. On the first half discount, Fall was expelled and made things very complicated to his own. However, they firmly held the boards on the scoreboard, including overtime. Curious, because on penalties the numerical superiority goes to a second plane and forces are equal. Well, that’s where the Cornellá fell. Four penalties scored each team. The fifth visitor was transformed by Solano. The fifth place was missed by Nana. The Orihuela will be with the best.

Nástic 3 – Olot 1

Marquez and Chavarría gave the first half color to both teams. At 1-1 on the break, the second half was snapped for fear of losing. In fact, the Olot thought of the overtime to the point of just making a replacement and leaving another three for the extra time. Said and done, as soon as they started, Maso, Aspar and Joseph entered. None of them was as decisive as the fourth replacement of the local coach. Amang, hero at Nou Estadi, stepped on the pitch in the 107th minute of the match. 180 seconds later, he celebrated 2-1, which was worth a ticket for the next phase. In case there were any doubts, he scored his double on the second half discount. Despite the disallocated appearance of the stands, the Nástic did not fail. In his first year on his return to Second B, he hasn’t gotten used to not playing with the best. Now, with total merit, he’ll fight again alongside them..

The First Divisions do not suffer

With the lesson learned after what happened between Real Jaén and Alavés, the four First Division teams of the 19:00 shift did not fail and they’ll be in the second round. The Lift, with surprising opening double Coke, swept the Municipal Alvarez Claro, after firing 14 times between the three sticks. Betis did the same with Atletico Antoniano, with rain as the main protagonist. For moments, the ball did not roll in the deep puddles of the Villamarín and perhaps only the circumstance prevented the mourning from being suspended. Tello and Kaptoum quickly set the standings and the rest served to see a brave home team (played in the ethical fiefdom by agreement of both) and flashes of Lainez, author of a golazo de foul.

More cost Celta de Vigo and Espanyol, as an indication of what their season is being. The vigués team raised rotations, but gave way to regulars such as Santi Mina, Hugo Mallo or Pape Cheikh. The alternates responded with an offensive arrivals festival. The goal took time to arrive, but both times he did so from Juan Hernandez’s boots. Something different was the case with Machín’s team. The Lleida deserved to fight the contest because the visiting occasions came with droppers. Who knows what would have happened, in case Wu Lei visel the opposite elastic. The Chinese, fighting with the goal in the first few months of the season, scored a double to illuminate the perica darkness, again, away from the weekend.

The 9 p.m. didn’t miss either. The Royal Society gave a whole exhibition at La Balastera, although both won the match. El Becerril, for representing a village of just over 700 inhabitants, in a competition like the Copa del Rey. The Sheriff’s team because their bench gave a commitment lesson and played a sensational match. Januzaj, with three goals, was the best. Isak missed a penalty, but re-ordered a subsequent double. Osasuna, with more work than glitter, followed the same path. They controlled the ball, came harder and celebrated three goals by Brandon Thomas, Fran Mérida and Juan Villar. Thus, 15 of the 16 representatives of the top national competition are still alive in the new format.

The 54 qualifiers and the four earrings

First Division (15): Granada, Eibar, Athletic, Leganés, Seville, Villarreal, Mallorca, Getafe, Valladolid, Osasuna, Real Sociedad, Betis, Espanyol, Celta and Levante.

Second Division (13): Cadiz, Mirandés, Deportivo, Las Palmas, Fuenlabrada, Zaragoza, Rayo Vallecano, Tenerife, Elche, Albacete, Girona, Huesca and Ponferradina.

Second Division B (18): Logroñés, Marbella, Ebro, Unionistas, Recreativo, Yeclano, Cartagena, Real Murcia, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Badalona, UCAM Murcia, Barakaldo, Cultural Leonesa, Nástic, Haro Deportivo, Orihuela, Badajoz and Rayo Majadahonda.

Third Division (8): Jaén, Portugalete, Caceres, Escobedo, Zamora, Ceuta, Sestao River and Tamaraceite.

Pending to solve (2 seats for 4 teams): the play-off between Pontevedra and Ibiza and the cross between Mérida and La Nucía.