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Flood, goal and story for Antonian against Betis – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


In a football match that ended up being almost water polo by the tremendous deluge dropped on Seville, Atletico Antoniano was full of four goals in a day that nevertheless will keep the Lebrija entity as historic, who had the opportunity to play as a home at Benito Villamarín. In honor of his rival, also sevillian brother, the Betis wore the substitute’s black trousers and colored their horns with reddish-white flags.

‘El Atleti’, call this Antonian who liked and at times liked his people in a Villamarín that no more people attended because the hellish weather did not recommend it. And ‘your people’ was a lot: about 10,000 brillians (about one-third of the town’s population) they traveled the almost 70 kilometers away from Seville to live a historic day. Many of them, ethical too, already do enough Sundays.

Betis Shield/Flag

He marked Betis relatively soon, in the 14′ thanks to a penalty that turned Tello, and extended Kaptoum’s lead to 25′. But in the meantime he collected a few arrivals the team that wore white under a monumental waters. Ranchero, Juanjo, Román, Brando or Pepelu, who made his debut with the first team verdiblanco but had never played before at Villamarín, they rounded the goal that this time was defended by Dani Martín before reaching the break, with some hope still on the scoreboard.

He was able to sentence Tello as soon as he came back from the locker room and so did Lainez, who turned with silk leftover a direct freefrom from the same front of the area. The result, the beating on a large, sloping terrain and the minutes on the legs gave way to a correction. Also on the debut of another quarry in the Betis, alejandro Meléndez, who had a gold premiere by scoring 0-4. He scored the Antonian a goal in the final sigh, but such an honour was annulled by the outplay. On Sunday in LaLiga, just before Christmas, Villamarín receives another Atleti, who this time will play away as Atletico Madrid. The pennants will be green again and the lawn… to see how this deluge has left the field.

Rubi: “”It was hard to play and we met the goal”

Betis manager Rubi appeared before the media to assess his team’s triumph in the Copa del Rey against Antoniano: “We are happy to meet all the objectives. He took the game, took himself seriously and everyone is safe except for an overload of Sidnei.”

Protagonists: “It’s a game where it was hard to play, especially in the second half. Diego Lainez is growing a lot in training and if he endorses it that way when he plays, he is very good. I think it was a good Betis game. Future? You have to work with all the players, even if they don’t play. At no time have I considered laying out of Lainez, another thing is that there is an economic interest or something, which I do not think. He’s helped a lot in these games.”

Lawn status for LaLiga: “The workers have time, I think the field will be in good condition against atletico.”

Team: “The logical thing is that some players who were not there today will start out, although there are some doubts”.

Athletic: “I’m not going to find out that opponent, he’s a team, it’s hard to get his hands on him and score goals. We are very excited to end the year with this good streak.”

Francis: “I’ve seen it well, we know it’s performing more on the right than on the left but he did well. It’s bad not for me not being able to give him many minutes.”

Next round: “It will be a game on the weekend and we will be able to travel, it will not be an inconvenience, but what I want is that we get lucky with the pitch.”


Bartra (45′, Sidnei), Loren Morón (56′, Borja Iglesias), Juanma Romero (57′, Pepelu Vidal), Adrián Pérez (62′, Javi Román), Jesus Granado (66′, Ranchero), Alejandro Melendez (71′, Ismael Gutierrez)


0-1, 13′: Tello, 0-2, 24′: Wilfrid Kaptoum, 0-3, 51′: Diego Lainez, 0-4, 79′: Alejandro Melendez


Juanfran (16′,Yellow) Barragán (35′,Yellow) Alberto Gomez (50′,Yellow) Kevin Gil (53′,Yellow