Euro 2020

Fonseca and Florenzi, the clarification for the like and the shared choice to separate – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Fonseca and Florenzi, a story of a normal relationship between coach and footballer. Maybe not, but so is it. Now their paths will separate, with the captain of Roma en route to Spain, destination Valencia, (contingent) interest of all: player, manager and club. On the one hand the number 24 yellow-red who had remained in the Capital when he was going to expire, also giving up the temptations (and money) of Inter of Spalletti before last season, and in the year of the European Slare would like to play as much as possible , on the other hand, the technical and tactical needs of the Portuguese coach, who doesn’t see it as a low-back in its basic system, the 4-2-3-1 (then Florenzi did better when occasionally the team got three behind and got “up”), and can not guarantee anyone, or almost, a starting shirt. In between the company, which knows that a player who brings the ranks that plays “little” (and with an important signing) is a luxury that is not worth affording. Because Florenzi in Valencia tend to play and in all likelihood will re-evaluate. Then between now and June you will see.

Between social and reality

In between also a lot of city chatter, sometimes gratuitous, about the empathy between the boy of Vitinia and his city and, above all, the diplomatic incidents that took place on the social networks with mysterious likes, at different times, to comments from users asking the company to sell Florenzi started first from the official Instagram account of Francesco Totti (with the social clarification between the two) and then even that of Paulo Fonseca. The Portuguese coach – let him know off the records Rome — never put that like. Those close to the technician ensured that Fonseca, who usually uses very little of his social media (it also seems far-fetched that he goes to see a comment especially among a thousand under a generic post) and usually does so after games, January 24th didn’t even log in to Instagram. But there is more, because the coach after the incident had an interview with Florenzi in which he explained that he had never put that like and that he had already put to work with those who had to understand what had happened. A gesture highly appreciated by the player, who with his coach has always been respectful privately and publicly, maintaining a direct and frank relationship. Even when making decisions. Like the ones that the parties finished to mature in the aftermath of last Sunday’s derby tie, when Fonseca preferred to field Santon at right-back and relegated the captain for the tenth time to the bench, stirring up noise for the umpteenth time environment.

Owner Half

Not a holder, then. All the more so since in that role Rome since January, since Bruno Peres returned and waiting for Zappacosta, has some abundance. Florenzi spoke with Fonseca to understand what would happen in the coming months. Ahead of Euro 2020 he asked for technical guarantees that the coach could not give, although in the season, net of choices and disqualifications and injuries, Alessandro was the most employed right-back. Playing “only” 50% of the available minutes (1,246 minutes out of 2,610): Spinazzola, although more used to playing on the left (where Kolarov was practically always present with his 2,230 minutes) was his main competitor and collected 1,111 Santon’s 90 minutes against Lazio came in at 783. Cetin played 219 minutes, Bruno Peres 27 minutes and Zappacosta only 12 in the first day with Genoa.

Florenzi’s is the story of a long goodbye, certainly painful for the yellow-and-red captain. That his role at Roma, although captain-designate, was not so defined is clear at least from the beginning of the season. De Rossi’s legacy, in truth, had questioned her himself in the summer when to convince Dzeko to stay he had offered him the armband, receiving a “no” from the Bosnian who had wanted him to continue the tradition that the captain of Roma is Roman. At Christmas, then, when rumours of his possible departure, between the serious and the facetious had been the player who announced a “tear-jerking” speech for the dinner greetings with the team, which however did not provoke “sparkles” and opened with a curtain that he had relaxed his spirits, with the technician ironically telling him, “Everyone expects me to talk about me.” Now for Alessandro begins another adventure, although provisional. He’ll say goodbye, for now, to his city and his team.