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by: Adam Smith


PSG: Cold weather on the winter transfer window in Paris!

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In recent weeks, many rumors have circulated in the optics of the winter transfer window in Paris. The recruitment of a defensive midfielder or a right-hander is specifically mentioned …

But in reality, Paris Saint-Germain may skip the transfer window in January. Satisfied with the team's performance over the past few weeks, Leonardo indicated after PSG's strong success at Saint Etienne that there may be no need to retrain this winter. Especially since the Paris sports director said he was very pleased with the performance on training and during their appearances in L1 to young Aouchiche and Kouassi, who can complete the professional group in the event of an injury epidemic.

"I think I'm going to ask you not to ask the coach about the transfer window. I've been in football for a long time. I know the boundary compared to a coach, a sports director and a president. Everyone does their job. End with these questions to the coach. Let him be at peace. He talks about the technical side, that's his job. We switch, it's normal. We look for the transfer window. It's a matter of opportunity. Today, this group is complete. things that are really positive: In five months we managed to play two young children in Ligue 1, Aouchiche and Kouassi. It's nice and I think they will add to the workforce. Then there are opportunities. Leonardo said, making it clear that Paris Saint-Germain would remain very wise in the winter transfer window. Before you succumb to madness next summer?