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by: Adam Smith


Foot PSG - PSG: Lifestyle, Cardboard, Verratti will never change

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As talented as it is annoying, this has been portrayed by Marco Verratti since his arrival at PSG in 2012.

The Italian midfielder, when not suspended or injured, is an indisputable holder of the French champions. If he had a prosperous period under Laurent Blanc, who gave him the keys to Parisian play with Thiago Motta, he also often came the headlines for his extra-sporting behavior. His ability to get angry and be suspended for big fights, his recurring injuries linked to a questionable lifestyle, not to mention his false starts to Barcelona as things got worse. When he returned to the player as a man, Laurent Blanc told the Parisian how much he appreciated Marco Verratti. By the way, the former PSG coach admits that it is impossible for the Italian to erase his most important mistakes, although he can still improve.

" He is a true Italian and loves the game. Sometimes you have to stop him. Because he always puts the game forward, he is passionate. He is in constant risk taking, even at his six feet. Because he is confident in his technique. It has matured, it will improve, but it will remain characteristic. Blood strokes, heatstroke, he wants them all his career. It's hard to change a nature! He can't control himself. But don't keep it from him. He plays. His lifestyle? He cannot eliminate everything from his life or change his personality. He must be himself. But he has to do things a little more just, more measured, to find the right balance. He is a great player, but he still has a stage to become a very big player "Explains Laurent Blanc, as Marco Verratti gives full measure of the talent this season, especially thanks to the support of more defensive midfielders on his part, such as Marquinhos and Gueye.