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Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar sees no reason to leave Paris! – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Foot PSG - PSG: Neymar sees no reason to leave Paris!

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Finally close to being back at its best, Neymar sees the horizon clear at the same time.

His penalty given to Edinson Cavani has helped ease the tension, his defensive effort on the pitch is noticed and appreciated, and of course he continues to martyr the defense to help his team chain win. So many positive points in recent weeks, and this has clearly freed Neymar, since he has agreed to rely on France Football for a long time, where the number will appear on Tuesday. But some good sheets have already filtered, especially at the start of his season with PSG, and his future with the club in the capital as well.

" Why do you want to go here? (He laughs.) I still have a two-year contract, the team continues to move forward. We need to stay focused on this season to do things well and win as many titles as possible. This season is the goal of the Champions League. And my priority is PSG, with maximum commitment every week. The goal is to always win the next match. At every meeting we have to push for the club. That's how I see it ”, Insures a Neymar who makes it clear that his only goal is to stay focused on the season. And this time he intends to bring his stone to the building because of his sporting qualities, he who does not necessarily describe himself as a wardrobe manager.

" But what is exemplary? Do you think perfection exists? Only God is perfect. Each has its small flaws. A leader is someone who must help the team win, to lead it to victory. It could be the captain, or the scorer. Everyone has their own way of being a leader and has their own virtues "Said the Brazilian, whose talent is enough to be a man to be listened to in the wardrobe, he who ensures" to be happy "In Paris, simply because he can play football. As simple as that.