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Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar unmasked, it's the "ghost" of Paris – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Foot PSG - PSG: Neymar unmasked, it's the "ghost" of Paris

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The victory of Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday in Montpellier did not remove the doubt about the state of mind prevailing in the leader of Ligue 1. And the case of Neymar raises many questions.

We wonder what happened in Neymar's head on Saturday at Mosson, the Brazilian star in Paris Saint-Germain was completely off the plate in the first period, with childish behavior, before tipping to meet him alone. Two facets of a Neymar that begin to get everyone on the nerves, the properties seen for 15 minutes, fail to erase everything else. This Monday, inducing the performance of former FC Barcelona player under PSG Frédéric Gouaillard, a journalist in Paris who cannot be blamed for anti-Parisianism, makes a finding necessarily awful for a Neymar Jr. seems to destroy his immense talent.

The words are harsh for the Brazilian. " Neymar has been a ghost since the beginning of the season, between his visits to the hospital and the suspensions. Fortunately, he still has magic feet, as evidenced by his sublime free kick in Montpellier or his involvement in the wonderful goals of Mbappé and Icardi (…) Brazilian unconditionally puts the technique over the game, but cannot direct, control, impulse, accelerate as the game assumes, as his jersey number indicates, 10 "Says the journalist, who believes that Neymar is helping to make Paris Saint-Germain a club that dominates in Ligue 1, but is not collective enough to go very far in the Champions League. Thomas Tuchel needs to move the lines to allow Paris SG and Neymar to change the impression that the European spring can again be devastating.