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by: Adam Smith


Foot PSG - PSG: Riolo reveals the day Paris wins C1

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This season will certainly be crucial for the face of Paris Saint-Germain in the future.

If the club in the capital, after three years with Neymar and Mbappé, still can't make it to the Champions League, it is a serious problem at PSG. This is the observation already made by Daniel Riolo, for whom the two superstars of the team paradoxically do not let their team move forward. And the consultant who explains his reasoning at RMC, and explains that the strong men of PSG are currently called Sarabia, Marquinhos or Di Maria, more than Neymar and Mbappé.

" Neymar / Mbappé duo. It is not their talent they are talking about, but their involvement in the collective! It's just a symbol. Everyone does as they please, but it was without them that Paris pretty much beat Real in September. And it was the anonymous Sarabia who allowed PSG to come back with a miraculous 2-2 from Madrid! It is not with this type of players that we get far in LDC we hear! Ah yes? But Tottenham went there with Lucas as PSG kicked out! Ajax went there with a group of inexperienced youth! Liverpool won with Origi and Shaqiri as substitutes! Barça no longer wins the competition since Xavi and Iniesta stopped and Busquets aged! Juve who took Ronaldo as a hero fell against the children of Ajax! And all the footage that discovers football that is happy with the kindergarten will make us think that we automatically win more with Mbappé / Neymar than with other players less stars? No, PSG will win when these players of extraordinary potential are at the service of a collective game! "Swung a Daniel Riolo with a very lesson-giving tone as usual, but whose words also make it possible to understand this summer's choice for Leonardo, who preferred to bring in important players for the collective, more than more stars.