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Foot PSG – PSG: Tired of VAR pro-Paris, Andy Delort is loose – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Foot PSG - PSG: Tired of VAR pro-Paris, Andy Delort is loose

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Angry after the Paris Saint-Germain (1-3) home loss on Saturday, Andy Delort beat the referee. According to him, video help mainly benefits the most important clubs.

Day after day the controversy over video assistance for arbitration is increasing. Players, coaches or managers, many actors still complain about the decisions made by men in black. Another example Thursday at the Montpellier press conference, whose striker Andy Delort criticized Paris Saint-Germain's influence on Antony Gautier and his assistants at the VAR last weekend.

" It is complicated to whistle a penalty against Paris and more for Montpellier, noted the former Toulouse. When I asked the judge, he told me he didn't have to see the VAR. It should be the same for everyone, according to the club we should watch up to 12 times the video, and only once in the opposite direction … The treatment between the clubs is different, for sure. Some will say no, but I say it is safe and secure. And everyone knows it. "

"A meadow that goes beyond …"

" Even on television, when I watch the matches, the commentators, according to the clubs, will avoid and on the contrary, they will do everything to check if there is not a mite sticking out "It scoffs at Montpellier. It must be said that the center in the future has enough for this technology. The video deprived him of two goals in Marseille (1-1) in September last year.

" Of course I have the balls compared to VAR, but hey it doesn't matter. Without the VAR, and if I had scored my two penalties, I would have become the championship in the championship. But hey, with yes, I would be at Real Madrid "Joked Andy Delort, far from the first to condemn a two-stage referee in Ligue 1 and in many other competitions.