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Football England – Ang: A young rival begs him to lose, Juergen Klopp makes him happy – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football England - Ang: A young rival begs him to lose, Juergen Klopp makes him happy - ENGLISH FOOTBALL 1

After receiving a letter from a young Manchester United supporter, Juergen Klopp took the time to respond. A superb gesture from the Liverpool coach.

Juergen Klopp is class. In addition to his training skills that make Liverpool one of the best teams in Europe, the Reds manager is not the haughty type. On the contrary, the technician possesses the necessary humility to take the trouble to answer a letter from Daragh, a young supporter of… Manchester United! Be Liverpool’s rival. A mail massively relayed on social networks, especially by the Daily Mail.

« Dear Juergen Klopp, my name is Daragh. I’m 10 years old. I’m going to Glenswilly National School – Donegal. I support Manchester United and I write to complain to me, reads the Irishman’s letter. Liverpool win too many games. If you win 9 more games, you will have the longest unbeaten streak in English football. Being a United supporter is really sad. So the next time Liverpool play, make them lose if you like. You just if it’s just let the other team score. I hope you’ve convinced you never to win the championship again or another game. Well, one of you, Daragh. After that, one imagines that the young fan does not expect an answer. And yet…

Klopp’s response

« Dear Daragh, I would like to thank you for your letter, a Reds coach replies in a new letter. I know you didn’t wish me good luck or anything but it’s always a pleasure to hear a young football fan no matter who he is so I appreciate your contact. Unfortunately, I can’t access your claim and don’t really have a choice anyway. As strong as you want to see Liverpool lose, it’s my job to do everything I can to get Liverpool to win because there are millions of people in the world who want them not to really let them down. Fortunately for you, we’ve lost games in the past and will lose some in the future because it’s football. »

« The problem is that when you are 10 years old you think that the choices will always be as they are but if there is once chosen that I can tell you, from the top of my 52 years, it is that it will not be the case, an insurance the German. Having read your letter, however, I think I can easily say that what has not changed is your passion for football and for your club. Manchester United are very lucky to have you. I hope that, if we are lucky enough to win many more matches and maybe even win me a few more trophies, you won’t be too disappointed because, although our clubs would be great rivals, on also shares a great one It’s, for me what football represents. Take care of yourself and good luck, Juergen Klopp. Despite the refusal of his request, Daragh has to appreciate.