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Football Euro 2020 – Fans look forward to an exciting spectacle – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith



After an exciting qualification, which took place from March to November 2019, football fans from all over Europe are looking forward to the 16th European Championship. The winners and runners-up of the qualifying groups have now been determined, with four teams added in March 2020 to be awarded in the play-off matches. One can be curious to see how the EM 2020 odds will develop. True fans have long been planning their journeys to cheer on their heroes on the ground in the stadium. But this time, due to the special mode of hosting, a sophisticated travel tactic is required.

With the European Championship 2020 one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

If you fancy a city trip through the most beautiful cities in Europe, Euro 2020 is the perfect occasion. In June 2012, then UEFA President Michel Platini its idea of competing not in one or two countries, but throughout Europe. At that time, however, the call for climate protection was not as loud as it is today, when activists around the world warn against unnecessary air travel. But true football fans don’t miss the opportunity to experience the ball artists live.

Why the event takes place today in a different mode is due to an anniversary: after all, the European Football Championship now held for 60 years. It was originally planned to host the finals in 13 cities in 13 different countries, after Brussels was no longer eligible to play in 12 cities in December 2017. An elaborate application procedure was put out to tender for the selection, 32 associations had registered their interest in September 2013, and 19 associations submitted an application at the end of the deadline of 25 April 2014. Here are some of the highlights from the game calendar:

  • The highlight is certainly the final on 12 July 2020 at Wembley Stadium: there are more than 90,000 spectators here
  • A trip to London in mid-July definitely pays off for football fans: here you will find the 7th. And July 8 also the semi-finals held
  • If you want to admire the German national team, you don’t have to go far: all the matches of the team that starts in Group F take place in Munich. The Allianz Arena offers exactly 75,021 seats, at least for Bundesliga sprouts

Supporters of the German national team are counting on the team to move into the quarter-finals. If you are optimistic, book a flight to Bucharest. This is where the winner of Group F plays on 29 June. Should the Germans finish second in the preliminary round, they will play in Dublin on 30 June.

Book your trip to the European Football Championship yourself or take advantage of a package offer?

To experience the stars of the European Football Championship directly in the stadium, you should have already applied for your ticket if you are looking for an individual trip. The deadline for applications for tickets through UEFA was only from Wednesday 4 December to Wednesday 18 December 2019. For this it was necessary to create an account on the UEFA homepage. It was not possible for the applicants to select specific seats – only the category you could choose. Officially, it was not possible to purchase tickets for Euro 2020 from other agencies.

If you missed this deadline, however, you do not have to give up a live game at the European Football Championship. After all, there are also organized fan trips to choose from. Some tour operators specialize in this type of short break, which offers many advantages for you. One of the reasons football lovers choose this kind of travel is because they meet like-minded people.

The first expert talks start at the airport and sometimes fan trips result Friendships for life. Another plus point is that you don’t have to worry about flights, hotels and tickets. Depending on the package, the package usually includes two or more nights’ accommodation. Some offers include the flight, while others include the journey itself.

At home, you can enjoy your time

One thing is clear. You can watch the European Football Championship at home in front of the TV. But that doesn’t have to be alone, why don’t you organise with friends football parties? Every game you watch in the home of a different football supporter, of course the right food must not be missing.

As EURO 2020 falls into the warm season, you can, for example, grill before the game. Equipped with cool beer and snacks, we then head to the TV in order to have a good time when the teams enter the stadium.

If you want to use your insider knowledge to improve your budget at the European Football Championship, don’t forget to drop your tip in the betting office. This is easily possible in online portals. Once you have registered with a provider and transferred money to your player account, you can start betting.

One of the great advantages of online betting is that you can always drop your tip from your laptop, tablet or PC. Many online betting agencies already have apps for your smartphone in their range that make mobile betting easier. Reasons enough to start well prepared in the European Football Championship. Just wait a few more weeks, then off!

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