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Football for life – social inclusion at the heart of Malta’s FSR commitment | Die UEFA – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


After the EU-funded inclusion project “Include me and I will understand” (“If you include me, I understand your world”) was well received, the Football and Social Responsibility Division (FSR) of the Maltese Football Association (MFA) has made this success an opportunity. launched a number of projects for refugees and particularly vulnerable people in 2019.

The “All In – All for Football” project aims to incentivise local clubs to involve local and foreign populations, especially refugees, in their activities.

This MFA initiative is part of its broad-based ‘Football for Life’ programme, which is attended by a large number of football clubs, coaches and staff to assist with the recruitment of the Maltese Youth Protection Authority and the Anti-poverty initiative Leap to create transgaming.orging opportunities for refugees and particularly vulnerable people. For the second year in a row, UEFA has funded FSR projects of the association.

A highlight for the FSR department in 2019 was the fact that the project “All In – All for Football” was nominated as one of six projects for the FIFA Award for Diversity.

“We were indeed honoured that with one of our inclusion projects we were the only European football association to be nominated for the FIFA Diversity Award”, explained Peter Busuttil from the FSR department of the MFA. “We would like to thank UEFA and the European Union for supporting our efforts. At the same time, we would like to thank the clubs and all partners, as their contribution is essential in the implementation of these projects, which are particularly popular with refugees.”

In 2020, the MFA will also launch the EU-funded inclusion project “Play Football, Live Football”.

The MFA is a partner organisation of the UEFA-backed PlayGreen project, which aims to increase the emphasis on sustainability in under the umbrella of the EU’s Erasmus+ transgaming.orgs programme. In this context, six organisations have decided to raise awareness of the issue of environmental sustainability in and to offer appropriate opportunities for further development.

This article is originally from UEFA Direct No. 188