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Football Ligue 1 – L1: A great danger hangs over French football – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - L1: A great danger hangs over French football

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Former World Champion, Bixente Lizarazu is now a consultant in various media.

And this Sunday, the former left-back looks at the problems of Girondins de Bordeaux, but also more generally for investors in French football. For those who work specifically with TF1 and RTL, the political crisis that the Aquitaine Club dear ones are going through can quickly become economical and then transgaming.orging, given the football clubs in France, given the fragile financial balance.

" Put yourself in the players' shoes, they need a two- or three-year-old vision of the club. Many recent examples show that things can go very quickly … We can understand that King Street, the majority shareholder, is accusing the GACP of having created a deficit and wants to regain control. But I do not forget that I experienced a relegation to Division 2 due to financial problems (in 1991) and that finding a new investor does not happen overnight. Since it is not easy to find someone who can afford to invest and who accepts to lose money. You have to be careful: I watch football, I think we are a little overheated overall, many clubs tend to live above their means and expect increase in TV rights on salaries. Now, working in the media, I can't believe that TVs will be able to continue to accept it "Bixente Lizarazu told Sud-Ouest that television rights money in French football will eventually explode. At present, this is not the case, several large groups pulling out to resume our championship matches, despite European results and a march by always waiting for you.