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Football Ligue 1 – L1: A violent movement, the chilling history of the Nimois – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - L1: A violent movement, the chilling history of the Nimois - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

On Saturday, on the occasion of Olympique de Marseille’s victory against Nimes on the 19th day of Ligue 1 (3-1), the Phoenician fans had a great evening.

Simply because his team consolidated his second place behind PSG before the winter break. On the other hand, the evening was catastrophic for Nimois fans. Firstly because his team was a twelfth game without a win on L1, which puts NO in the penultimate place of the championship. But not just for the athlete. From some gardois ultras have lived the hell between Nimes and Marseille. While an order from the bouches-du-Rhode police prefecture allowed 200 visitors to the velodrome, the Nimois moved to 400 on a dozen buses, with women and children this holiday season. Except they were eventually locked in the Lanon toll booth by police present in numbers. After two hours of negotiations with the prefecture and the police, and while 139 people out of 400 could go to Marseille, the group leaders decided to send the procession back to the Stade des Costiéres. Except that on the way back, displacement fell into violence, as Sébastien explains.

“On the way home, one of the gladiator managers asked if we could go and watch the game in a bar. For me there was no problem, the travel ban only affected the Velodrome and its surroundings. But when they tried to go to Salon-de-Provence, the police blocked us. A few minutes later, I wanted to take a short break for the girls to go to the bathroom, and again the police prevented us. In the process, the police put the cars in front of us, stopped us in the middle of the road, and went out with the shields, standing in front of the two bus gates. They put a hit on the glass, so I opened it, and then I took a baton hit … I also have a good egg in my hand. They also threw a tear gas cylinder into my bus, and several people were hit in the back. Upon arrival at the Cariéres car park, the police queued in front of the side doors of my vehicle, presumably to retrieve a nomois, who wasn’t even on that bus after all. And it went on again. However, there was no violence by Nimis supporter groups. With the effect of alcohol, there were some ‘chahutages’, say, some verbal provocations, but that’s it.”At RMC Sport, he detailed one of the bus drivers, who therefore believes that the relationship between fans and police reached a point of no return on the Nimes side last weekend.