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Football Ligue 1 – L1: From the king of disorder to coach l1, Giuly’s transformation – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - L1: From the king of disorder to coach l1, Giuly's transformation - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Ludovic Giuly has just graduated as a coach and says he would be well trained in Ligue 1 if the opportunity arises.

Having played for Lyon, Monaco, Barcelona, Rome and PSG, Ludovic Giuly has had a busy career. So much so that he didn’t see himself staying in the world of football after hanging up his tacos. But now he is assistant coach of the booking set of AS Monaco, which has completely changed his vision. In two years, the former French international has passed his diplomas and begins dreaming of training in Ligue 1. For him, there is nothing that could prevent him from having a position in the French league, not even his side side often presented in his playing career.

« When I stopped my career, I was ambassador to Monaco and traveled with the Champions League team. Gradually, the fault came. Especially the atmosphere of the dressing room. The club asked me to look at the professional training to give my opinion. One day I realized this was what I wanted to become. Training in Ligue 1? Yes. Look… Apart from phenomena like Mourinho, Guardiola or Klopp that are revolutionary in the game, many teams evolve in the same way. It’s human management that makes a difference. And I like to run a locker room! I don’t mean to invent football, but psychologically, I’m going to be tough. When you’ve seen how we handle Messi or Ronaldinho, you know how to do it. My reputation as an artist? Look at my record, is that a prankster’s? Coach, I’ll mix seriousness and smile. But the jokes will be for after sessions. That’s very clear. I want to see the madness in my players’ game. But controlled madness Ludovic Giuly told Le Parisien. A assumed candidacy for which he currently volunteers at AS Monaco according to him, which also has the consultant hat for beIN Sports.