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Football Ligue 1 – L1: Mbappé, Cherki, Camavinga… Launched too soon, they will pay dearly – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - L1: Mbappé, Cherki, Camavinga... Launched too soon, they will pay dearly - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Season after season, young talents appear set sets before and before. At the risk of exposing them to physical and psychological problems.

Launched at the age of 16 by AS Saint-Etienne in the late 1970s, Laurent Roussey laments his precosm. Nearly four years later, ancient Stéphanois had been hampered by a serious knee injury. A blow, he says, to a quick arrival in the professional world. As a result, the man currently training Lyon Ducháre (National) fears seeing the same scenario for the Ligue 1 nuggets, starting with Paris striker Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappé (21 years old).

« It gives an impression of maturity. It’s more about the physical thing I wonderRoussey pointed out in the columns of Le Parisien. He’s been playing at the highest level for almost four years. Which, in essence, is a form of anomaly. And his game is basically made of speed. He recently had a first muscle injury that took some time to heal and influenced his speed. »

Any more injuries for Mbappé?

« Psychologically, you must necessarily feel a form of doubt. In any case, I’ve lived with Saint-Etienne: you go up very fast, you’re the freak, you think you’re the strongest and suddenly the first problem slows the spiral, reminded the technician. Mbappé has to experience other physical failures and there it will be very important to offer him psychological help. Because it will go less to find your speed and therefore you will have to find other solutions. »

But the French international is not the only case to be observed according to Roussey, who also mentioned the phenomena of Rennes and Lyon, Eduardo Camavinga (17 years) and Rayan Cherki (16 years). « It’s different.Compared. They are midfielders and need less to play with explosiveness and repetition of effort. The intensity is different. To me, they’re less in danger than Mbappé.. Little saved by injuries this season, PSG will have to carefully follow their striker’s fitness.