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Football Ligue 1 – L1: Mediapro will turn French football on TV – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - L1: Mediapro will turn French football on TV

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In recent weeks, following the new increase in power in Canal + and beIN Sports, the future of Mediapro has shaken the leaders of French football.

It must be said that the Spanish audiovisual group owns a large part of the future business of French clubs, knowing that Mediapro with C + will pay more than a billion euros a year to the various formations. Apart from that, in recent months the concern has increased. But on Thursday, at LFP's General Assembly, Mediapro leaders discussed with L1 and L2 presidents their plans. A model that will be based on the creation of a new 100% football chain in France. What Julien Bergeaud details very well.

“French football is home next summer, and so will we. More than 80% of the offer on L1 and 80% on L2. Communication in recent days has been a bit misleading … The big game on Sunday night will be with us and nowhere else. Plus the big Sunday night magazine, the Friday night opening game, etc. We're going to revolutionize the pay-TV market, we're going to go beyond the traditional framework. Our distributor will be & # 39; & # 39; agnostic & # 39; & # 39 ;, with all distributors, including OTT (Direct Internet Access). Our product will be 100% French football, it will be a clear, slaughtered offer. We intend to enlarge the product, the game, the action. We double the number of games produced in 4K, and new cameras with completely innovative and immersive viewing angles. Clubs and fans will finally have air time outside of matches. This is published this week in our grid. With a network of regional reporters. I already have a business team by my side. The first questions are questions about distribution, and she is already working on them. Appointing journalists and editors is complicated: people are still at work. These teams will be announced when the time is right, with faces, consultants, talents. Calendar starts next year ", launched, at FF, CEO of Mediapro France, who knows that his group has a lot of experience in Spain, in Europe, but also around the world, like in the US or in Qatar. Tricolor football is therefore reassured.