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Football Ligue 1 – Stopped in Metz, OM thanks the joker their Radonjic – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - Stopped in Metz, OM thanks the joker their Radonjic

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Saint-Symphorien Stadium
FC Metz and Olympique de Marseille draw 1-1
Goal for Metz: Nguette (40.)
Goals for OM: Radonjic (70th)

After six Ligue 1 wins in a row, Olympique de Marseille was held back in Metz (1-1) this Saturday on the 18th day. A result that the Marseille club may be happy with given the physiognomy of the meeting.

Olympique de Marseille will not break the record for eight consecutive series. While aiming for the seven pass, André Villas-Boas & men clashed with FC Metz (1-1). It must be said that this trip to roadblocks looked like a trap for Marseillais, less attractive than during the recent meetings, as Payet whose long pass behind put Mandanda at great risk. Result, the goalkeeper brushed against the penalty area and injured himself before devoting to Pelé in the 30th minute.

A heavy blow to Marseille which, apart from the recovery of Sanson deflected by keeper Oukidja, did not get any chances and was exposed to an opening of the opponent's score. Illustration just before the break with Nguette's goal (1-0, 40th) ahead of Kamara in the post! It became worrying for the Villas-Boas team, which launched the joker Radonjic after returning from the locker room. For starters, we can't say what this coaching paid for. Metz could even have made the break thanks to striker Diallo, who saw his punishment released by Pelé (53)! Fortunately because Sakai's mistake with Nguette was disputed.

Radonjic, 4th goal in 5 games

After avoiding the worst, OM pressed and eventually became dangerous with the strike from Payet on the bar and the dive after Benedetto was not framed. And finally it was Radonjic (1-1, 70), at a center from Germain, who allowed his team to level and believe in victory. The scenario would have been beautiful if Germain's head had not been saved on his line by Gakpa! OM must therefore settle for a draw that allows Lille to go back to four lengths in the position.