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Football Ligue 1 – Surprise, Nantes stops OM and his amazing series! – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football Ligue 1 - Surprise, Nantes stops OM and his amazing series! - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1

Round 26 ligue 1
Orange Velodrome Stadium
FC Nantes beat Olympique de Marseille 3-1
Goals for Nantes: Limbombe (34′), Bamba (53′), Alvaro (90′-2, csc)
OM Goal: Sanson (39′)

For the 26th round of Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille lost in Velodrome to FC Nantes (3-1) on Saturday. A stop for the Phoenician club.

The beautiful series of Olympique de Marseille is over. After 14 consecutive games with no defeat in the league, the current second half has fallen to FC Nantes. A pretty unexpected defeat for the Olympians, disappointing in the game. The locals, pushed by a full velodrome, had to control the ball, but it was their opponents who controlled the start of the match. The test with Simon’s first chance, whose strike was too crossed. A first alert that almost announces the opening of The Limbombe score (0-1, 34th) after a good job by Bamba on the left side!

It was enough to wake Up Rongier’s teammates, whose attempt forced Lafont to relax. But the Nantes goalkeeper was much less inspired by Sanson’s curly attack (1-1, 39′), which quickly revived his own. OM finished the first act better and resumed the second with the same pace. It was against the course of the game that Bamba (1-2, 53), with a beautiful curly pole returning, restored the lead to Nantes, after a loss of Rongier’s ball.

Alvaro doubly awkward

So we were hoping Marseille would push. But we had to wait until the last few minutes to see The Opportunities of Payet and a very clumsy Alvaro! Confirmation a few minutes later as Alvaro himself (1-3, 90-2) scored a goal against his team and finally offered great success to the Canary Islands, which finished a 5-game race without a win in L1. For their part, psg’s runners are likely to see their pursuers narrow the gap in rankings.