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Football ? Rubiales is going to run for Spain for the 2030 World Cup – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football ? Rubiales is going to run for Spain for the 2030 World Cup - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The main rival would be the Madrid Games. Within the Spanish Federation continue to maintain the idea of running for the election 2030 World Cup and forming a joint candidacy with Portugal. Rubiales is highly valued in the Fifa it is not ruled out that in the future it may be an option for the presidency, and therefore the chances of winning the World Cup organization would be very high. Now, the main drawback is that Madrid you are considering the possibility of asking for the Games 2032, and therefore economic spending could be difficult to assume by the Government. However, it is estimated that this event would be a demonstration of the relevance of Spanish football worldwide. In addition, as for the issue of stadiums, Santiago Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Metropolitan And San Mamés, with all the reforms they have made, they would not have to make many changes to their structures and would even be an event that could represent a good source of income for Spain by the visitors who would come.

Eriksen has already signed the contract to come to Madrid. Although it still receives offers, Eriksen has already made the decision and even signed a pre-contract to come in January Madrid. Even the Tottenham takes its march and has in Portuguese Bruno Fernandes the replacement requested by the technical staff. The footballer was delighted. In addition, he knows that himself Zidane he has been the one who has insisted on his hiring and knows that ownership has it secured. The price of the trade would be between 20 and 30 million euros and Tottenham do not want to arrive with this matter to the summer as this way the player would leave for free because he ends the contract he has with the set of London.

Europe doesn’t fit the NBA’s plans. Because of the political and economic problems Europe The Nba has erased it from its list of pre-season destinations, though next January, Paris will take the witness of London where an official match has been played for nine years. The North American League is looking for new markets: India premiered this October and there have also been friendly in Japan And China although the relationship with the latter does not go through its best by the tweet of Daryl Morey.