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Former convicted players of La Arandina will remain free – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


O Provincial Chamber of BurgoI judged what is known as Arandina's case decided to keep the three convicted to 38 years in prison for sexual assault in the current situation of provisional release committed against children under 15, TSJCyL sources reported.


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The House also maintained a bond of 6,000 for each, which had already been paid when the provisional release was enacted during the investigation period.

After a 20-minute hearing, the three magistrates decided to wait before making a decision on the arrest requests made by the three counsel or keeping them free under the conditions planted by the defenses, after which they finally opted for the first request.

About 100 people concentrated in favor of the convicted and about 20 in favor of the victim. in front of Burgos Courthouse where the view was taken.

The minor's family lawyer, Patricia Ortiz, asked for respect for the sentence and the minor, who recalled that was when the events considered proven in the sentence happened and continue to be now.

Former convicted players of La Arandina will remain free

The Provincial Court of Burgos has also kept the bail of 6,000 euros | EFE

He announced that they will report the spread of victim's voice messages, insults and threats through social networks through criminal, civil and administrative channels and has ensured that the minor is "downright wrong". and he doesn't even leave home because of the pressure on social networks.

To the lawyer of the popular prosecution of the Clara Campoamor Association, Luis Antonio Calvo, that there are concentrations in favor of the convicted is something “unheard of in & rdquor ;.

He insisted that the three convicts enter prison because their situation has changed since the sentence, with a sentence of 38 years before which seems "more likely" Try to escape

The father of damn Carlos Cuadrado & # 39; Lucho & # 39; considered that the guilt of former soccer players was not proven and emphasized that he will not be calm until this innocence is proven, something “incongruent & rdquor; because until now what had to be demonstrated is guilt, not innocence.

Víctor Rodríguez's lawyer, Viti, another of the convicts, opined that the response to the provincial court's judgment should be through the “legal channels” with the appeals they will present, although he has expressed that he understands that there are people from his surroundings who became "nervous".

Raúl Calvo's third convicted lawyer, Olga Navarro, confided that the three remain on probation as before, noting that more measures could be applied to prevent the risk of escape, as they all present themselves. Days in court or wear a location bracelet.