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French team – Benzema victim of a "dirty mouth crime for the Arabs?" – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


French team - Benzema victim of a "dirty mouth crime for the Arabs?"


The exchange between Noël Le Graët and Karim Benzema this weekend continues to make waves. And clearly to set foot in the dish, Stéphane Pauwels wonders if the French striker from Real Madrid is not paying off in France.

For a week, Karim Benzema has provoked many comments, though he remained very discreet until Saturday regarding his four-year absence from the France team. But the words of the president of the French Football Association, which announced the end of the international career of the former Lyonnais, prompted Karim Benzema to respond vigorously, asking Noël Le Graët to let him play with Algeria, the country where his parents were born. For Stéphane Pauwels, we now have to ask ourselves whether Karim Benzema was not a victim of his origin, because nothing seems to justify this long-term shelf.

" In fact, the Karim Benzema file has been going on for many years. And I believe that Mr. Le Graët is responsible for this, he has just demonstrated it. We aimed Didier Deschamps a lot, but he had extended Karim Benzema's hand for a long time, but there were unpleasant comments from both sides, especially when Benzema talked about racism, while Mr. Deschamps is not racist of all (…) There are two weights , two measures in France, Karabatic was taken for more serious things and condemned by justice, and Karim Benzema was not punished without anything and does not serve any presumption of innocence. The system is strange, is it just dirty talk for the Arabs, or is something happened to Benzema that we do not know? Le Graët's resignation is stupid ", Launched on its blog the Belgian column about the dossier Karim Benzema.