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French team – Between Karim Benzema and homophobic calls, that's enough! – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


French team - Between Karim Benzema and homophobic calls, that's enough!

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Noël Le Graët got himself into trouble by announcing the end of Karim Benzema's tricolor career. And since that time, the president of the French Football Association has not escaped harsh criticism. This is especially the case for those launched by Vikash Dhorasoo.

France's rebellious candidate for the upcoming Paris election, Vikash Dhorasoo has never had his tongue in his pocket, especially the former PSG and Olympic player, always taking radical positions. So when he was questioned about the case of Karim Benzema, expelled from the French team by Noël Le Graët in a rather brutal way, Vikash Dhorasoo took the FFF boss in the throat which he considers he has completely picked up lately. According to him, the Benzema case is not the first example to show that NLG is often wrong.

And Vikash Dhorasoo to empty the bag. " Le Graët's speech against Benzema is inappropriate. It is not in its role. He has been wrong twice after discrimination and homophobic cry. It shows that democracy at FFF works very very poorly. He is the President of Cooperation. And behind him, he considers himself president of life. Because he thinks Benzema will stop his career ahead of him. So he can afford to say, "As long as I'm here, so all the time, Benzema won't play anymore." He talks instead of the coach. It's still amazing. How can a president of a federation say about a football player? Especially since Karim Benzema has an incredible talent. It is no longer a choice of level, it is a story of people. And it bothers me a lot "Launched on Yahoo Sport, the former tri-color international. Noël Le Graët would appreciate, though you might think the latter has nothing to do with Vikash Dhorasoo's opinion … and quite a few people.