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by: Adam Smith


Karim Benzema betrays France, he shakes beforehand

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Karim Benzema was on the cover of transgaming.orgs news at the weekend following the media release of Noël Le Graët. But the danger is great that the file will be restored following the attacker's response to the Algeria theme.

We imagine that Karim Benzema probably hoped to spend a more peaceful international break, having been sidelined from the France team by Didier Deschamps and Noël Le Graët since 2015. But the president of the French Football Association has wanted differently by saying Saturday that it the international career of French striker Real Madrid was over. A clear and orderly statement that necessarily won a response from the first interested. But Karim Benzema also pushed the plug a little far by indicating for his part that he was ready to prove to the boss of the FFF that he was wrong, and that for that he had to let him play for Algeria, the country from his parents, rather than for France .

A missile that obviously hit the target. But for Grégory Schneider, all this unfortunately risks giving a nasty smell to the Karim Benzema case. " At this time, the greatest French player of his generation has become a third-hand topic, used by others to win current or future communications: crying. His allusion on Saturday to an illusory setback in Algeria elections could even be restored by politicians who want to find a traitor to their homeland: we shudder in horror beforehand. By refusing to call Deschamps ("it's up to him") and acting contrary, Benzema will have chosen the field: only my performances will bring me back to the Blues. It's still awful to think he had no chance "Admits, in Liberation, the journalist, who had known about the day before the absence of Karim Benzema of the France team has spoiled his joy of watching the Blues play since 2015.