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French team – Olympics: Benzema case settled, Le Graët targets PSG for Mbappé – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


French team - Olympics: Benzema case settled, Le Graët targets PSG for Mbappé

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Kylian Mbappé is ready to compete in the European Championships and the Olympics next year, and must get the deal from Paris Saint-Germain. The French Football Association will therefore start the process.

Although he avoids talking about the subject, everyone knows that Kylian Mbappé would like to participate in Euro 2020 with the France A team (from June 12 to July 12), then at the Tokyo Olympics with Blueberries (from July 24 to August 8). But will the tip of Paris Saint-Germain receive an invitation from Sylvain Ripoll? Noël Le Graët, interviewed by AFP, first said that the Espoirs coach does not count " do not take players who have played Euro "Then the president of the French Football Association came with a smile.

" No, I didn't say that 100% … There may be one ", He chuckled, obviously thinking of Mbappé." Kylian has expressed a desire to participate in this competition. When he said that, I thought it was great. (…) We are brilliantly pleased, it may be reluctance, but not here, please the manager. Let us see. That's not to say he wants to go there. It will have consequences for PSG. We need to talk to him again, because it was launched in the air like that. Didier (Deschamps) doesn't care because he has played (Euro) before. Le Graët therefore plans to contact Parisian decision makers.

Still no Benzema

" I'm going to see them, he said. To already have confirmation that Mbappé is still interested, or if it was a blank word. I want to chat with Leonardo. "The FFF will activate for the former Monegasque. But when it comes to the banished Karim Benzema, who could be one of the three jokers over 21 years of the Olympics, Le Graët will not fight." It can be chosen, it is not suspended by the League. After that, it seems unlikely anyway. I don't see Sylvain Ripoll opposite Didier "Replied the head of French football, who still gives carte blanche to the coach of the Bleuets.