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French team – Sextape: Benzema expects a decisive response within 48 hours – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


French team - Sextape: Benzema expects a decisive response within 48 hours

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It is this Monday that the Cassation Court ruled on the validity of the investigation that was conducted in the Mathieu Valbuena sex tape case. An investigation whose seriousness Karim Benzema disputes.

Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena will not meet in Paris on Monday, as the two players are not expected for the Cassation Court, but there is no doubt that the two former teammates of the France and Madrid team will be aware of news from Paris. In 48 hours, the justice will make a final decision on the validity of part of the police investigation into the case of Mathieu Valbuena sex tape. The Real Madrid player believes he was caught by a cop who played the middleman between the center of Olympiakos and those who wanted to withdraw money from him in exchange for the final disappearance of the famous sex tape. " Not only was it a police officer who pretended to be someone else, he was regularly raising people "Repeated Patrice Spinosi, lawyer for Karim Benzema, at Agence France Presse.

On the side of Mathieu Valbuena's lawyer, known in French football, we obviously take the opposite view from the Benzema clan. " The police could not be said to have caused the offense. Speculation is absolutely not prohibited, otherwise you must prohibit spinning, hiding, cutting … It is normal for the police to maintain contact ", Explains Maître Frédéric Thiriez, who does not see how the court system could cancel the police work. At first, the Criminal Court in Cassation Court had ruled in favor of Karim Benzema, but the Paris Court of Appeal overturned that decision. On Monday, the Court of Cassation If he goes in the direction of Karim Benzema, the prosecution will find it difficult to continue to accuse the Madrilian of participating in this blackmail, otherwise it will be difficult for KB9 to avoid legal action.