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French team – The Benzema controversy, Deschamps is just a cowardly accuser Dugarry – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


French team - The Benzema controversy, Deschamps is just a cowardly accuser Dugarry

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The relationship between Christophe Dugarry and Didier Deschamps is unlikely to improve with the latest outing to the former RMC forward.

In the controversy born from the words of Noël Le Graët at the end of Karim Benzema's career that he allowed himself to be announced, the president of the FFF is in his legal right according to "Duga". This is also the case with Karim Benzema, who obviously has the right to believe that he is still selective and that he has done nothing wrong, at least to justify such a dismissal. But on the other hand, Didier Deschamp's fault … has yet to talk about this case which he must answer for several years now. But for Dugarry the coach was not right in this matter.

" The discussion between President Le Graët, Deschamps and Benzema never took place, except by statements made. Benzema and Deschamps are proud. None of them would take the first step. Benzema doesn't want to apologize because he thinks his verdict has no negative meaning. Afterwards, I understand the two positions taken. President Le Graët is closing the door because he wants to protect France, Deschamps and the Giroud group. To avoid debates and controversies. I think this release is understandable, though it is disastrous for Benzema. And I also understand Benzema's answer. He is frustrated because Le Graët should not take care of the committee. The only position I don't understand is Deschamps. He never answered. He brought Le Graët into this file … Things are not clear. There was no courage and honesty in this file. Deschamps & # 39; silence is a problem for me … "Delivered the RMC consultant, who dreams of seeing Didier Deschamps handle the case of Karim Benzema when he has not summoned him in more than four years. It has not been won.