Euro 2020

Futsal EURO 2002 qualifying round guide EURO Futsal – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The road to UEFA Futsal EURO 2022, which will be played in the Netherlands with a new 16-team format, begins on 29 January with the qualifying round.

  • Results/Calendar
  • The group winners directly reach the group stage of qualifying (which includes home and away matches and will be played in 2021) and find the 16 qualified teams by right
  • The nine runners-up and five best thirds (not counting the results against the fourth-placed teams) enter the play-offs in April, which put the last seven places up for grabs in the qualifying round

Qualifying round groups

Group A: Bosnia and Herzegovina (host nation), Switzerland, Cyprus, Gibraltar

Group B: Belgium (host nation), Montenegro, Armenia, Scotland

Group C
Qualified for the group stage of qualifying
: Poland
They can still go to the play-offs: Sweden, Greece, Malta (host nation)

Group D: Albania, Bulgaria (host nation), Andorra, San Marino

Group E:
Qualify for at least the play-offs: Hungary, Lithuania (host nation)
They can still go to the play-offs: Turkey, Northern Ireland

Group F: Georgia (host nation), Kosovo, Germany, Austria

Group G: Latvia (host nation), Denmark, Estonia

Group H: Moldova (host nation), England, Israel

Group I: North Macedonia (host nation), Norway, Wales

  • Austria and Northern Ireland are on their debut (among the 50 nations competing, record attendance)
  • Teams participating in the elite round of the FIFA World Cup of futsal 2020 enter the competition in the group stage of qualification: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal (defending champion), Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine

The path to the final stage in the Netherlands

Futsal EURO 2018 Final Highlights

Futsal EURO 2018 Final Highlights

Qualifying round 1: 13 February 2020, Nyon
Qualifying play-offs: April 2020
Group stage qualifying round: 14 May 2020, Nyon
Group stage qualifying, matches 1 and 2: February 2021
Group stage qualifying, days 3 and 4: April 2021
Group stage qualifying, days 5 and 6: September 2021
Playoff draw: September 2021, Nyon
Play-offs: October 2021
Final Stage Draw: End of 2021, from conf.
Final stage: 19 January–6 February 2022, Netherlands