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Garitano: "I don't trust anyone yet, we have to win" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Gariz Gaizka He doesn't want to scare or relax on Tuesday before Intercity, no matter how much a third is measured: "It is a very important competition for us, historically, we give the utmost importance, the format has changed, you can not miss a day. We have to take the game very seriously, "says the Athletic coach, who says he" likes "the new KO Tournament configuration in a single game until the semifinals, as it offers" opportunities for small teams. "

"I still don't trust anyone, that's why we have to win. We've seen a lot of Intercity games, it's a must for us, has players who played in higher categories, "says Garitano, who warns of previous cases not to forget:" We have already seen him with Formentera and double game, that Athletic was eliminated. We must be careful with this precedent. "In addition, he argues that" there will be surprises every year, the format of England is much better. "

In recent years, with various scares, Gymnastics, Real Union and Formentera: "It's a must, we're a better and better team, but it's 90 minutes and you can't fool it. Let's take it very seriously." In the conference call, he gives some clues: "We'll take everybody and make changes. If we play two days, the team will be recognizable and we will have people who play too. It's a match and the next game is Sunday." He advances that puppies, not, before the possibility of Unai Victor. "We have the Sancet and Villalibre... We have people from the workforce. "He reiterates that Intercity is not a third party to use:" He's a pro, he trains in the morning. He has Peña, David Torres, who are known and I faced them. We will have to be vigilant and not fall asleep. "

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* Data updated on December 16, 2019