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"Genuine is always dangerous for us" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Marc-Andre ter Stegen is the great supporter of the goal of FC Barcelona. In the summer of 2014, Marc-Andre ter Stegen moved from Borussia Mönchengladbach to FC Barcelona. On Wednesday, the 27-year-old is already playing his eleventh clasico against Real Madrid (8 pm live on DAZN and in LIVE TICKER).

Ter Stegen had spoken before SPOX and DAZN about the special duel, his personal development and the goalkeeper debate in the DFB team.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen tender …

… the Clasico: You are especially looking forward to such games. These are duels that get people excited and excited.

… the cancellation of the one originally planned on October 26 Clasicos: The political situation was tense, so you couldn't have played such a game. You have to face the circumstances and play it safe.

… his first memories of you Clasico: I was 15 or 16 when I thought: If I had to decide at some point, I would probably go to Barca. At that age you don't even think about how difficult it is. I have always found the Barcas philosophy interesting. But only here in town do you realize what this game actually means.

… his first Clasico as a Barca player: I didn't play in the first classic. I got a little pissed because of course I want to be used in every game.

… the current form of Real Madrid: Genuine is always dangerous to us. Just like us, they had problems with many opponents at the start of the season. The league has become stronger, especially physically. There are no simple games anymore.

… Lionel Messi's victory of the sixth balloon d & # 39; Or: This is crazy. He made history again.

… his personal level: I improve every day – even if it's small things. My goalie coach Jose de la Fuente is relatively critical and always provides new stimuli to get the best out of us keepers.

… the goalkeeper debate in the DFB team: You have to respect the opinions of others. I do, and others should too – and that's the end of the topic. For me, the debate wasn't as much as the press did. I try to perform, to offer myself again and again and make it difficult for the coach. I can do no more.

… the development of his former club Borussia Mönchengladbach: I am very proud of what happened at Borussia. Much has happened in terms of infrastructure, Max Eberl did an excellent job with the transfers. I also think Marco Rose does a great job. I am incredibly happy that I was part of this association and that Borussia is still on the way. That it is in the table above is great. You should enjoy this situation and use speed. I hope Gladbach ends up in the Champions League places.