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Getafe continues to party across Europe – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Getafe qualified for the Europa League’s 16th final slam after beating Krasnodar. The draw was worth it, but it happened big. One more day, the changes of Bordalás, which flipped the match. With a goal in the last third of the encounter he installed happiness in the Coliseum and in a locality that now thinks about Monday’s draw: Ajax, Inter, Benfica…. Whatever it is.

Chichizola was the only Getafe footballer who had played every minute in this Europa League, 450. The second was Fajr, 439. Neither of us was a starter because Bordalás played the last hand of the game with the aces of the deck, the starting eleven in the League.

The Krasnodar also sent messages from its alignment. On his bench there was not a single striker for a simple reason: all those who were available were lined up By Matveev in the starting ELEven, Marcus Berg, Ignatyev, Suleymanov, Wanderson… The Russian trainer would have lined up a shipment of Kalachnikov if UEFA allowed weapons.

Shield/Flag Getafe

It was common to see that 4-2-3-1 with Berg’s battering ram often turned into a 4-2-4. Of lost, to the river. Faced with this unusual four-strike attack, Getafe practiced offside, stepping forward the defense each time they looked for their backs with long balls.

The intensity was from more to less. The first really dangerous shot was a shot from Cucurella (21′) from outside the area that ended up in the corner. It was at that minute, precisely when the first goal came, scored by Widmer 1,200 kilometres away from the Coliseum. Basel beat Trabzonspor 1-0 and secured the first position in the group. The Getafe, at most, aspired to be second, and for that it was enough to maintain the draw.

An attempted header of Ignatyev, anticipating the Blue-ones defense, was the greatest threat Soria felt in the first half. It was a play in which Damian moved on the thin red line that separates the legal burden from the push that can be a penalty.

The clearest occasion was the opportunity for Mata. Angel cleaned the wallet for the Russian power plants and left the ball sharp, but the 7 topped the center to relieve the Kristyuv finish.

Vilhena’s far-clear shot (54′) that complicated Soria. It was corner. Notice. In ’62’, Metveev removed right-back and introduced an offensive medium. More Russian dynamite. The party was going dangerous for the Getafe. The Krasnodar chichaba. He was approaching the Soria area.

But Getafe has reached that point of maturity, of big team, that solves the games when ever. And with little. Cabrera scored 1-0 in a corner. Molina made the 2-0 after interned and move to the Nyom area. The Getafe rounded off his full effectiveness with the third goal, on Kenedy’s personal play.

Bordalás: “Today we’ve made history again”

Do you feel fulfilled right now?

I’m happy for the fans, for the footballers, for my president and for the club. More than me, I am, but mostly for them. For a modest club moving on to the next round it is very important

People are already starting to remember Bayern Munich.

History has already been made at that moment and everyone, me from afar, valued it. History is being made again today. We’ll be in the hype next Monday and it’s very important for us and for football.

What big equipment would you ask for?

Being here is a success and anyone will give us enormous difficulties. The most important thing is that there will be the Getafe and we don’t care who comes. If it’s one of the historical ones, it’ll get more attention. We’ve been in a tough group with three teams with no name too much, but a great level.

Why did you choose the LaLiga team today?

Because it’s agreed, honestly. It was the last match and we valued the player’s fitness and recovery. Everybody’s played. Except for Damian and Soria had all played in this competition. We are in three competitions and they all have to be very prepared.

In the end they wiped out. Is it because of the physical level of the team?

All my teams have always been well physically, at a very high level. I give it a lot of importance and that’s why I have a fantastic fitness trainer that I’ve been with for years. Today the players who came from the bench helped a lot and changed the pace in a moment of restlessness and nerves. The stopped ball is fundamental in modern football and so we open the scoring. All the boys have a tremendous commitment. Getafe is a team that always gives everything and plays football very well many times.

Matveyev: “The Getafe has deserved victory”

What’s your assessment of the party?

The Getafe has deserved the victory. Until the 75th minute it was even. We had arrivals and our chances, but as a result of the first goal we collapsed. It’s a shame and we’re hurt by the elimination, but this is football. I congratulate the rival.

Do you think the Getafe wasted time?

Yes, that’s what happened. I told the assistant sometimes.

What went wrong with your plan?

We know that the Getafe is a very hard, very complicated team. He’s in the top of a very complicated league and makes few mistakes. We got forwards that influenced the game. Couldn’t have been.

Could yesterday’s busy journey influence the trip?

It took us a long time to get to Getafe, but I can’t say it was a determining factor. It wasn’t nice, that’s for sure.

How does the stopover come forward now?

We’ll change the plans somewhat, because it’s not the same to be in this competition, not to be. We’ll get ready, try to get back injured and play better football.-JOSÉ ANTONIO DE LA ROSA