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Girona and Mirandés say goodbye to an antagonistic 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The 2019 tore off For Girona and Mirandés with a Category Whole between them. The Catalans were in First (indeed far from the downhill posts) and Miranda’s in the Bronze division. But they finish the year just three points apart in Second (follow the match live on The failure of one and the success of the others, although recent, have already been left behind and both sets are, as could not be otherwise, focused on their reality. The one Girona it’s simple to try to Ascend, while the Mirandés is less defined: it transits more than Comfortably by the Competition with 28 points and four wins in the last six games.

Girona Shield/Flag

The 11th girona you may have some Variation but the spine will remain the same. The key men of the team will be on the turf and that despite the last stumble they have earned the credit. Juanpe and Ramalho they are disputed, however, a place to accompany Alcalá. And all to try to add the fourth win followed by at home.

For its part, the Mirandés will try to surprise in one of the most difficult fields in the category. And there are Background that invite scare. Andoni Iraola’s pupils were able to defeat Zaragoza And Albacete and to tweet the Almería away from home. Be brave it is one of the premises that the Guipuzcoan technician points to as the key to seek the triumph in Girona. The red team wants press the local ball out and that the match has pace, although players and coach are aware that the concentration must be maximum in defensive tasks.

Shield/Mirandese Flag

The main doubt in the eleven resides in the right-back position. a lot Gonzalez as Carlos Julio cottons are among cottons, although the latter is expected to be from the game in the last duel of 2019. Iñigo Vicente could supplement the low Alvaro Rey.