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Girona de Martí, following the path of success – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


With 31 points in 19 days, Girona is once again on his way to the First Division. It will not be an easy path or a guaranteed happy ending, but it is a path that the team has come before. Not only the uphill course, of course, but also in the other years the playoff was played. In two of them, in addition, the team disputed the second place until the last day of the championship, objective for this course. And all these seasons had a common denominator: by the 19th, where we are now, the team had added more than 30 points.

The first time Girona played the promotion playoff for Primera, with Rubi on the bench in 2012-13, the team had a spectacular season. Simply the best in its history so far, with a more than remarkable first leg in which they have scored 37 points. The team, which had promotion options until the end, qualified for the playoff and eventually fell to Almeria.

Girona Coat of Arms / Flag

After 2013-2014 to forget when Machín saved the furniture at the last moment, began the best season of Girona in the category. Three consecutive seasons battling for the Primera promotion that finally materialized in 2017. In his first team campaign, he added 34 points (three more than now) and unleashed Lugo's fateful Montilivi game. In the following course, the one that escaped against Osasuna in the playoff, the team started the championship badly. On those dates, he added just 22 points and still managed to enter the top six of the standings. In the 2016-17 season, the climb, the team had only two points more than now, 33.

Besides the numbers, which of course, which really counts towards the end of the season, the reality is that Martí's team is at the best time of the season. He has not known defeat in the last seven games and has won more games than a draw (four wins and three draws). The team has regained defensive strength and Stuani is above all records, that talking about the Uruguayan is serious because it comes from scoring 40 goals in two seasons at First. As if that were not enough, circumstances also help: there is no sanctioned player and only Aday and Jonathan Soriano are injured.