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GIRONA Girona de Martí hooks and Montilivi does not fail – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Girona continues to accelerate, without brakes, towards the highest zone of the classification and this is becoming addicted to his hobby. The team game is being attractive and, moreover, the results are coming. The group's confidence is excellent and the victory against Lugo confirms that Girona fans are addicted to the Pep Lluís Martí block. Montilivi is the strongman who wanted to be the model and Girona has already become, next to Cadiz, the best place in second place with 23 points.

Girona Coat of Arms / Flag

Seven wins, two draws and a single loss in ten home games is a balance that makes Girona a favorite to climb. Montilivi is becoming a difficult place to attack, Elche was the only one who managed to score all three points, and fans are putting their grain of sand. The average participation in the course was 8,152 spectators and only two duels had less than 8,000 fans in the stands of the feud rojiblanco: against Tenerife (7,013) and Deportivo (7,795). The game and the good work of the team are attracting the public's attention and keeping it vital to fight until the end to return to First.. After the descent, the rojiblanco club opted to adapt to the category and Montilivi's capacity is currently 11,286 spectators. The record for fans to date is of the 8,765 that united against Málaga.

Keeping the pace of the points at home seems crucial to continue rising positions. Girona is sitting in fifth position and sees second-placed Almeria four points. Direct ascent is the big goal of the current campaign and that's what a Marti tries to achieve that is aware that the pending issue is at home.. They have only scored eight points and, in that regard, it is the fifth worst team in Monday. In nine duels, they have won just two wins and two draws and a reaction is urgently needed not to lose ground. On Friday they visit Numancia and it is a good touchstone.

Aday, ninth player with most games in Girona

Aday Benítez never tires of making history in Girona and, after playing against Lugo, is the ninth player with the most matches in professional football with the rojiblanca shirt. Sentmenat arrived at the Girona club in the 2014-15 season and used Girona's shield in 154 games (41 in the first, 106 in the second, four of the Primera promotion playoffs and three in the Cup). Last season with the Primera team he suffered a serious injury, but this year he is back in football and has participated in 13 duels. On the last day against Lugo he started and it seems that on Friday against Numancia will continue and will continue to increase this number of duels played by rojiblanco.