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GIRONA Samu Sáiz, self-critic: “My performance must be better” – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Samu Sáiz was one of the big signings Girona made last summer and is yet to explode. Rojiblanco fans are having patience with him because he knows he can be a vital player in the Pep Lluís Martí scheme and would make a difference in the category. So far, this course has played 14 games and has the thorn stuck in the goal: not yet launched. Samu Sáiz does not hide that he has much room for improvement and, in an interview with the official channels of Girona, he was self-critical:I agree with things that are said that my performance should be better. I think I'm getting used to Second, which is not easy. There are many new players and some accuse him"

Girona is in a good momentum and Samu Sáiz considered that Martí's bet was right. In addition, the coaching change also helped the group make “one click The equipment didn't work, the technical team changed and Martí came with a lot of energy. Now the players, perhaps, are already entering the dynamics of Secondwhich is competing all the balls until the last minute. The team plays well and the coaching team works very well. “The key to competing in the silver category of Spanish football is distilling humility and Sáiz states that“The League is very complicated and requires a lot of concentration day after day. No matter if you play first or last, it's always hard. That's what this league has. But the team is in a very good working dynamic. There are the results, which now follow more than before"

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The main objective of this season is the promotion of the category and Samu Sáiz warned that the team is ready to reach it. There is quality. That yes, "we have to continue with the desire and energy transmitted by the coach and the club people. The group is prepared to try to climb as it is. ”