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Girona, with almost all artillery to defeat Lugo – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


With complete confidence, Pep Lluís Martí will have trouble preparing the list of 18 players to be measured in Lugo tomorrow. A "problem" that would like to suffer more than one in the category, because Girona almost completely emptied his ward. Only Jonathan Soriano, with a return date close to 2020, is ruled out for the match. The others are all available to the technician.

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Thus, Marti, provided there is no unforeseen or last-minute injury, from 23 first team players to form the list that will be measured against Lugo, then he must make five returns before the crash. It is also relatively common that Girona does not
offer a list of people called up when playing at home; therefore, it is complex to know which players will wear short clothes (or at least wear a sweater) tomorrow. Those who have the most numbers to watch the game in the stands are, of course, Coris and Jozabed. Both were the last to be discharged (this week) and have no competitive pace. In the case of the right-hand track, he has also dragged the injury since last season, so has not officially played since December 21. One World.

Options From there, the range of options for the other three returns is large. A priori will be Brian Oliván, because it will hardly enter a list in which Mojica and Aday are also. A very similar case is that of Santi Bueno, who, with the other four core teams in complete condition, has neither place at the bench. Ignasi Miquel, who was one of the discarded players to play against Zaragoza, also failed. After your injury no
He had minutes again and Alcala, Ramalho and Juanpe are ahead of him today. Jose Suarez, third goalkeeper, and Valery (who has no history of long-term injury) will not be there either.

Radical change in 3 weeks.

Less than a month ago, on November 17, Girona drew one at El Toralín against Ponferradina. And he did that with a team full of casualties, where there weren't even 18 players available on the first team. For this party, Marti had to summon Jofre Cherta, the subsidiary's soccer player, to complete the call. A situation diametrically opposed to now, in which Martí is obliged to make several returns. In addition to injuries and penalties, international soccer players did not participate before Ponferradina.