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Granada Forgets How to Track Meetings – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Tracking is becoming an impossible mission for Grenada. Nasrid's team have so far failed to turn an adverse marker on their return to Primera. He has yet to win if the score goes against him, even if the team, when appropriate, does not lower his arms.

Against the Levant, it happened again. The granotas were ahead and Granada, who stands out for his pride when he is below the score, even tied the game, but could not finish the return (and had occasion to do so) and ended up losing the game. The rojiblanco team was behind in ten games out of 17 that were played and seven of them ended in defeat and three in a draw. The most curious thing is that, in the other seven games, Granada advanced and finished with three points.

Against Villarreal in their Primera debut, they managed to score the score up to three times after advancing in the yellow team, even with two goals ahead. But the Nasrids went into the game and scratched a point. They also managed to tie Valladolid and Atlético. However, nothing could be done against Sevilla, Athletic and Valencia, which he could not even score. Nearer was at Getafe, but with 2-0 against nothing Gates scored the goal nine minutes from the end, not even before Real Madrid who swam against the current with 3-0 until approaching 3-2, but James condemned. However, most painful are the defeats against Real Sociedad and the Levant. In both cases, the opponent advanced and Granada managed to tie the score after a wave of pride and faith. But the points escaped with so many in the final minutes that they left the Nasrids without a prize.

The returns are not finished as Diego Martinez is in the bank. In fact, since its arrival only once Granada has managed to complete a return and date of February 2019. It was against Cordoba when the Verdiblancos advanced very soon and Nasrids managed to turn to finish 1-2. Neither in the second nor now in the first, Granada returns and it will not be because it does not try.

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