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Granda 1 – Lift 2 Bardhi: "I felt like I was doing something and didn't give up until the end" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Granda 1 - Lift 2 Bardhi: "I felt like I was doing something and didn't give up until the end"

 - Transgaming 1

Main goal: "It was a difficult game, in a very difficult field with this hobby. But we arrived very prepared and we gave everything, to be competitive until the end. I believe this team has a lot of character and has demonstrated it many times. God helps people who go from all to the end ".

Third away win: "Sometimes, I don't know, I feel like I'm going to do something and I never give up because I knew one would come and wanted to stay focused until the last minute. In the first part, we talked and when Rochina's goal comes, we relax. They tied, but the team remained very involved until the end. With a lot of character and in the end the goal comes. Very happy for the work of all the children. It is always wonderful when you win. "

Union after the beep: "Yes, I think the goal when it comes at the last minute is like this. I can't describe the feeling. The team has been very good and we have shown that we can beat anyone."

Rochina: "It's more than three points"

Result: "The truth is that it was a very competitive game. Very difficult. We knew it would cost us a lot but the team was aware of the work we had to do and I think this is more than three points."

Special Departure: "Yes, let's see, I have a lot of love for this club. I think in the two years I was there, I lived very well in the city and it is always appreciated that people recognize him for the work I did in those two years and very happy to victory and the goal ".

Rhythm: I mean, we knew their intensity and their competitiveness. We had to match them if we wanted to qualify for victory and I think the team may not have been an easy or comfortable game with the ball. But these games are won like this and very happy for the three points.

Three points: Yes, the truth is that I believe we are in a comfortable position. But this need not relax us at any time. We have to be ambitious and in the last LaLiga game before the break, get the three points and still be in a better situation at the table and I think that's our focus in the next game.

Cabaco: "Shutter and I have recovered to the limit"

Express Recovery: "It was a tough day for us because we knew we were so far from the center. Fortunately, we can recover with Posti to the limit and I'm proud to get all three points."

Physical state: "They are physically a very good team that does things very well at home. It makes them a little tired. It's 90 minutes, and that's what we are preparing for. It's football and we have to put up with it."

Reaction after two strong defeats: "We are going game by game. The derby is over. We were concerned about today's game that was very important to us and we could win it. Now let's think about the World Cup and Celta at home, where we want to get stronger."