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Griezmann: "I didn't leave Atleti to win more titles; I went to learn a new football" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


FC striker Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann, reviewed your career from the hard start to his arrival at the blue box, where he seeks understand and learn a "new style", already getting along with Luis Suarez and Leo Messi and take away the innate football, which comes out without much thought and it was based on Royal Society.

"They always said I was too small, they did x-rays wrist to see how far it would grow were very difficult times but I forgot in the country, "said the Frenchman Wednesday, in an interview with UEFA tvwhere he remembered his beginning and had again Beautiful words for Real and Atleti.

"Everything that is my first game of touch, of walls, of looking towards Go ahead, I learned at Real. The basis of my game, thanks to Real, when I noticed a change was when I signed at Atleti, it was a very change difficult"he said, with special mention to Diego Pablo Simeone." He didn't leave me do what I did at Real, "he said.

"He always had his voice behind me asking for more and asking me things that I didn't need to work for the team. In Real, it has not decreased so much. Cost me until December, but I learned defensively, tactically and was the top scorer thanks to him. Everything I learn I keep. I put in the service of team. I noticed a change in my sophomore year atletiwhere I said & # 39; that He is the player I want to be. I took from Real and Atleti and took me be world champion "he added.

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Frenchman gets his imagination on the grass the best virtue "I don't have one against one or very dribbling. In Real always I was looking for walls or game to touch or enter the area and create danger. When I play soccer, I do what I earn, I don't think much. Yes I am bad or sad in my private life, in the country you will notice, "he explained.

The French striker made it clear that he did not leave Atleti to win titles. "I didn't leave Atleti for beating champions or winning more titles. Went from Atleti to learn a new game, new philosophies. To learn another football, another team. Atleti could win the league and the Champions League
any year, "he said.

Stage in Barcelona

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In Barcelona, ​​the world champion with France goes slowly adapting "I have to learn a new position and also understand my new partners I'm not caught by Luis, Messi's movements, from the media, by my side. Messi is amazing, you have to have fun, it's a show to see him play and play with him, "he said, before explaining The most intimate adaptation.

"I'm a very shy person. I usually don't talk to other people, but that will come everything in its time. I will not talk, but we are learning to meet us Luis, Leo. We have already shared dinners and will go for more. What I can only help from the inside, "he added, before remembering his biggest sports column, the penalty that failed the Champions League final
of 2016 in San Siro.

"I Think a lot. Really hurts. He made us lose the finalif i put We did the second immediately. We had done very well, we were squeezing above It will always hurt, even if I win with Barça. It will hurt me even though final with atleti was my goal, the whole club and what He was standing. I can't back down if I haven't done it yet. In 10 or 15 years it will hurt the same"ditch.