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Guardiola: "Lack of goal? We're calm, it's a press issue that puts more cane than it should" "Lack of goal? We're calm, it's a press issue that puts more cane than it should" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Him Real valladolid He has amassed four straight games without scoring. Sergi Guardiola he had the best chance of the game against Real Sociedad, on the fringes of Hervías's crossbar, and the striker explained how that option was in Remiro's hand: “It's a good ball for Sandro to put me and When I look at the doorman, I already have myself and try to throw it aside. It was a good occasion, the only one I had in the game. I didn't put it on and I just have to keep working and the few who seek me try to put them"

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

In a draw against a team that has reached the position of champion, Guardiola believes that “it is a point that strengthens us and much more before an opponent of these dimensions and arrived here in very good condition. It is one more point that brings us closer to the goal of salvation. "

Those goal-free 360 ​​minutes weigh more and more on the attackers who focus on them: “We are calm and it is you (the press) that is putting more cane than is due, in my opinionalthough everything is respectable. In the end, the team adds that we are a humble team, in which we all run and row in the same direction. We empty ourselves into the field and if the goals come later, much better. What is not negotiable is the work and the other one is convinced that it will come. I'm not uncomfortable, not nervous, or anything like that, the goals will come. ”

Guardiola gave one of his answers: Few options are presented to him: “I repeat that we are humble and, on the few occasions we have, we need to take advantage of them. The basis is to be together, defend well and not score goals. I have a feeling the attackers have to come down to get the ball too far from the goalbut the important thing for us is to be together, to be a block of attack and defense. ”

About Getafe, which has Europe this week, Guardiola thinks that "they have a very large team and we've seen that they run a lot, but if we can benefit from this circumstance, the better, but I think they don't say goodbye, work well and have a very large team for it. "

Guardiola left Getafe last winter, after a thousand difficulties, but the striker prefers to wait: “It's a beautiful game, because I have many friends and talked to many, are three important points for salvation and, therefore, we face them. It will be a tricky game, like everyone else at Firstbut we will try to win and so we work and hope to achieve it. For us, adding is important in any field. "