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Hercules: Mir seeks first win to be optimistic in 2020 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Hercules closes today 2019, a year in which he has lived with feelings at full skin and climbed on a roller coaster. The team has gone from touching the sky to stroking hell in these months, a record and something usual in Rico Perez. From the tears of not ascending he cries now because Third Division looks closer than ever. And that hasn’t closed the first lap yet.

Coat/Flag Hercules

Mir arrived to get Hercules out of the pit and has not been able to win so far. He counts his two games for defeats, although the sensations have improved. The Valencian lost to Badalona in Liga and said goodbye to the Cup against Recre. Today he is seeking his first victory against the Nstic, his mirror (17:00 hours). In Tarragona they are also hallucinating with the dynamics of their team, called to fight for promotion and leadership and fully caught up in the fight not to come down from the start.

Shield/Gimnastic Flag

The Nistic turned to Seligrat to escape the burning and after two straight victories everything looked pink. But two stumbles have put the Catalan outfit back in trouble, in playout. No one imagined that Nstic and Hercules would fight not to come down, with a much worse picture in the Home of The Home.

Mir wants to hunt for the first win to see the future with optimism, 2020. It must be the year of tenure. Today many players could play their last game with Hercules if that revolution finally comes in January. Mir has just enough for Paul’s discharge appointment in defense and multiples in attack. The Musttic, reinforced after spending in the Cup against Olot with an extra time, has become a bone, with the seal of Seligrat.

Jona didn’t travel through injury.

Jona was one of Mir’s discards. The striker was unable to travel to Tarragona due to injury, suffering from an overload that he drags from the Copa match against Recre. The Malagan orphaned the white attack, with only Charles as a tip in good condition. Alvarado, who could leave in January, was the discard by technical decision. Mir took three players from the branch: Pedro Torres, Nico and Abde.