Euro 2020

here’s the test for the Europeans – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


It is a model usually used during the matches organized by Uefa or Fifa during the World Cup and for the first time will be tested today at the Olympic where Roma-Bologna is played, the advance to 20.45 that opens the 23rd day of Serie A. The new pre-filtering plan is inaugurated, an innovative procedure that aims to reduce the waiting times of fans and streamline access to the stadium. Today will be a general test of the new entry procedure that will be applied at the matches of the 2020 European Football Championships.

Prefiltering generally carried out at the barrier with the white gates, is basically set back by a few meters. On the sides of the Obelisk, in Piazza Lauro de Bosis, the installation of 56 entrance channels had already begun yesterday: these are 1.20 meters high mobile gates. They are arranged to the left and right of the Obelisco. And this is where from 6.30pm pre-filtering checks will take place: stewards will then carry out the usual checks on documents, access titles and will carry out the so-called pat down, i.e. the check of bags and objects.
These are the checks that normally take place when the fixed pre-filtering barriers are passed immediately afterwards. The new plan allows you to triple the number of entry gates and will therefore lead to a streamline of entry times. After the passage through the 56 access channels, in fact, the public will be able to continue to the usual gates without further checks during pre-filtering.

Once you arrive at the turnstiles, then, after obliterating, the usual checks will take place. The measures were defined by the police in accordance with As Roma. It is a test, therefore, and the technicians will have to check what will happen today. The choice of the height of the gates is also not random: they are low, not invaded and give less idea of a wall, thus also facilitating psychologically the influx. Searches will take place as usual under the supervision of the police personnel present on the site.

The match will begin at 8.45pm and the gates will be open at 6.30pm. About 32,000 spectators are expected. As always, the use of glass bottles and containers in the Olympic Stadium area will be prohibited.

Five hours before the start of the match, cars and bins are expected to be cleared from the 17th Olympiad boulevard, via Austria, via Belgium, via Sweden, via Norway and via Dorando Pietri, Clodio square and Livatino wide.
It will start the usual road plan with the prohibition of stop on the forecourt of the Farnesina, via Alberto Blanc, via Tommaso Tittoni, via Paolo Boselli Avenue of the Blur of the Farnesina, Piazzale Marshal Diaz, longtevere Marshal Diaz, via Mario Toscano, via Salvatore Contarini, wide Ferraris IV, avenue of the Olympic Stadium, Avenue Edmondo de Amicis, via Campeggio, square of the Olympic Stadium, longtevere Marshal Cadorna, avenue Antonino di San Giuliano, via Duke D’Aosta Bridge.

The plan developed by the police and the police includes the prohibition of stops in about twenty streets including piazzale of the Farnesina, via Alberto Blanc, via Tommaso Tittoni, via Paolo Boselli, avenue of the Blur of the Farnesina, forecourt Marshal Diaz, along the court Of Marshal Diaz, avenue of the Olympic Stadium and via Colli della Farnesina.

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