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Historic Mirandés: first to play semi-finals in 2nd and 2nd B – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Mirandés has done it again and is already a team of Semi-finals of Copa del Rey. There you will be able to face the Grenade and already waiting for the winners of the Athletic-Barcelona and Real Madrid-Real Sociedad. Major words for a Second Division team, king copero by antonomasia and again in the top four of the KO tournament. It’s not another round, it’s a story for history and it will stay in the books of national football records.

As he points out Mister Chip on his Twitter account, the Mirandés is the first club in the history of Spanish football to reach the semi-finals of Copa del Rey playing in Segunda División B and LaLiga SmartBank. In 2012, that golden generation led by Pablo Infante fought in semis playing in the bronze category. Now, being a second militant, he’s playing all around again in the penultimate round. A hard-to-forget in Anduva.

Of course, the Cup is your terrain. Mister Chip also reports that the Mirandés is the eighth team that has reached the quarter-finals the most times in the last decade. Without playing in any of those years in the First Division, his record is worthy of praise. Since 1980, only eleven clubs have managed to reach the semi-finals without playing in the first category. Iraola’s have done it a second time.

Pablo Infante’s mythical Mirandés

One of the goals of the new Cup was to have the Mirandés’ gestation happen again in the 2011-12 season. Precisely, it is the same club that has achieved it again and helps to recall that great story. It doesn’t have the same merit, since I was playing Second B at the time. It all started as so many others have: as third-rate team measured with a club that plays European competitions. Before, he had already eliminated Amorebieta, Balompédic Linense and Logroñés. In sixteenths came the hour of truth. And they succeeded: they overthrew the Villarreal and then they would do it with the Racing and the Espanyol. In the semi-finals, the Athletic put an end to the dream and adjusted them to the gates of the final. Still, it was an unforgettable year, which was over closed with the promotion to LaLiga SmartBank.

The great protagonist of that implausible story was Pablo Infante. The attacker was the top scorer of that Cup with six aimed at them and aroused the interest of the entire world of football, as he combined his work on the pitch with his profession in a bank. Once retired, he decided to oppose one of the vacant administrative places in the Mobility service of the City of Burgos. Perhaps it was even harder to be the best score of the 560 contenders than their historic Cup. With the current format, of course, more images like yours will be seen again. “I’m in favor of anything that allows for surprise and that the small team can bid against the big one,” he said in an interview at AS.

The double match crosses its path

The new Cup introduced important new features such as the First Division teams joining in the first round, that was always played in the field of the modest or that were played the single-party playoffs. However, Luis Rubiales advocated that the latter would only run until the semi-finals, round in which the traditional round-trip encounters would return. Now, Mirandés faces a new challenge: he has been able to overthrow Celta, Sevilla and Villarreal in 90 minutes and will have to do the same with Granada, Athletic, Real Sociedad, Barcelona or Real Madrid if he wants to play the trophy in La Cartuja. “Impossible” is not in your dictionary.

The Results of the Mirandés in their Gesta

First round: Coruxo 4 – Mirandés 5.

Second round: UCAM Murcia 2 – Mirandés 3.

Sixteenths: Mirandés 2 – Celtic 1.

Eighths: Mirandés 3 – Seville 1.

Quarters: Mirandés 4 – Villarreal 2.