English football

HRF 065 – France From Valencia, Phoenix… KSC – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


… in conversation with Peter Dittmann

In issue 65, I talk to KSC football author Peter Dittmann about the KSC. With the “Miracle of the Wildlife Park” Peter became a KSC fan as a child. Seen this way, he became a fan in the most successful period in recent history. He recounts his journey into the wildlife park, the superstitions, the depressing curse of relegation.

For the “Fibel”, he researched and interviewed in the fan scene. This is how he recounts the emergence of the KSC scene, the first fan clubs, and then experiences outside to the present day. How did the friendship with Hertha come about? Why the KSC fan scene are the inventors of the European Cup Song.

You can order the KSC football fibula here.

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