Euro 2020

HTL Pinkafeld: HTL training company at bgld. ÜFA fair successful – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Eisenstadt. On 30 January 2020, the fourth Burgenland practice company fair took place in the HAK/HAS Eisenstadt. The HTL training company “IT-Solutions4you GmbH” of the IT department also took part.
Hak Director Johanna Dorner-Resch was able to welcome representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and city politics as well as regional councillor Daniela Winkler and education director Heinz Zitz at the opening.
The established sales stand of IT-Solutions4you GmbH attracted a lot of interest from customers. Great giveaways and also participation in a competition in which a Messenger bag was raffled off among the sales made on that day, prompted many customers to place orders from the range of THE ÜFA. With the online cash register “hellocash” the customer orders could be processed immediately.
The employees of the training company conducted their sales talks with great motivation and were not afraid to look outside the box. Using checklists, they assessed the sales activities of the other participating training companies with the aim of exploring potential for improvement in their own company.

Practice company and Junior Company demonstrate the high economic competence of the HTL students

ÜFA director Prof. Silke Zapfel, who accompanied the students to Eisenstadt, was impressed by their commitment and the overall successful participation in the practice company fair. The HTL Pinkafeld has been certified as a competence center for entrepreneurship in engineering since 2017, in addition to the training company, students can experience real economic processes in the school up close in a junior company.

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