Euro 2020

Hublot, official partner of UEFA 2021 women’s EURO Behind the scenes at UEFA – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


In exactly 500 days the opening match of the UEFA 2021 Women’s Euro will take place in England. This tournament will count among its official partners Hublot, which already provides the electronic numbered panels used by the fourth officials to indicate the extra time and replacements.

“This is an ideal time to commit to women’s football, and we are pleased to have found a partner in Hublot who shares our mindset, goals and ambitions,” said Nadine Kessler, UEFA Women’s Football Chief.

“We hope that this collaboration with the Hublot brand as an official partner and supporter of all UEFA women’s football competitions and campaigns, including Ensemble #WePlayStrong, will help us to give our greater visibility and strengthen existing relationships with all those who already play football.”

This partnership will support women’s football at all levels. As a result, Hublot will become a key partner of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, UEFA Women’s Euro, UEFA’s European Women’s Under-19 and Under-17 Championships, and UEFA’s Women’s Futsal Euro, as well as the UEFA #WePlayStrong European Women’s Under-19 and Under-17 Championships, which aims to encourage more girls and women to play the

Together #WePlayStrong aims to encourage more girls and women to play football.

Together #WePlayStrong aims to encourage more girls and women to play football.©

Hublot joins Nike, Visa and Esprit, with whom similar innovative partnerships have been concluded over the past 15 months. In 2017, UEFA took an unprecedented decision to separate women’s football rights from its male counterpart.

The UEFA 2021 women's Euro final will be played at Wembley.

The UEFA 2021 women’s Euro final will be played at Wembley.©Getty Images

“The appeal of women’s football is growing at breakneck speed, and we are delighted to have a brand as prestigious as Hublot among our partners who are committed to promoting women’s football,” commented Guy-Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director of UEFA Events SA. “It’s partnerships like this, with a world-class brand like Hublot, that we envisioned when we separated women’s football rights from men’s football more than two years ago. This is proof that women’s football is capable of flying on its own. »

The 2020 UEFA Women’s Champions League final will take place on 24 May in Vienna, while the UEFA 2021 Women’s Euro Final will be played at Wembley in London on 1 August next year.

“It’s a great partnership. We are very excited to extend it to all of UEFA’s women’s football and to work with UEFA for the various competitions involved. Football is the most exciting and exciting game in the world. This association with UEFA is perfect for Hublot,” said its CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe.

“Like UEFA,” he added, “Hublot is very focused on quality, nurtures ambitious future plans and is proud to have access to a loyal fan base. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination! We are extremely proud to join UEFA in supporting the development of this beautiful »

The new agreement with Hublot for the UEFA 2021 women’s EURO extends a long-standing partnership with European football’s governing body, which began at the dawn of UEFA EURO 2008. Since then, the Swiss watch brand has been present at all EURO, including UEFA EURO 2020, which will be held this summer in twelve European cities.