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"If I were a dictator, I would be less wrong" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Jose Sepulcre, former president and former owner of Elche, leaves the club after 13 years in the hands of the organization. His heritage is collected by Argentine representative Christian Bragarnik, whom he trusts to create a better entity. Ilicitano businessman analyzes current affairs after the sale operation.

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What feeling does Elche leave with?
I'm fine. The club is in the hands of a person who knows football. Christian Bragarnik inspires me confidence and I know he is very excited about this project. On Sunday, I watched the game on television, one more. The best for Elche CF will be the best for everyone.

Do you feel free?
In the early days it was hard for me to sleep. The agreement reached (with Score Club 2019) entails a multi-annual process, so it cannot yet be said that it is totally disconnected. I trust Christian (Bragarnik) and I know he will do things correctly.

Do you expect many changes?
Christian Bragarnik has everything measured in his head. For now, its intention is to make two or three hires in January to improve the workforce, always with Pacheta's approval. Perhaps the most important changes will occur the following season. It will be seen.

What will happen to Nico and Patricia Rodríguez?
The new property did not say it does not count as its continuity depends only on them, depending on whether or not it is willing to continue working with this new model. They may have less freedom than me, because Bragarnik, as always, will want to treat Elche's problems as a company, not just a feeling. Football tends to this and may not have happened, it was one of my failures.

Elche de Bragarnik, will you rely on a sporting orientation to follow the current model or will you bet on players in your portfolio where South American players prevail?

Christian (Bragarnik) knows Spanish and European football perfectly. Also, the Argentine market is not bad. Christian is smart enough to know what he has to do. Do not forget that the great historical Elche were South American players: Romero, Lezcano, Re, Trobbiani, Montero, Finarolli … All Spanish teams have Europeans, Africans and South Americans. I don't think Messi or Luis Suarez is a problem for their teams.

Do you see Christian Bragarni or Ricardo Pini as president?

They never stated that, but they would be totally right. I don't know what your work flowchart will be. He will want to enter the sports field because it is the heart of any football club. If the ball comes in, everything will work fine.

Why did you accept Bragarnik's offer and not that of other investment groups?

True, there were many groups interested in Elche, but he was the strongest competitor from the first moment. It was the best option. From Gea? True, he has shown interest, although I do not want to talk about everyone who knocked on our door.

What was your biggest flaw in Elche?

Not having succeeded in a more dictatorial way, where the president first and the majority shareholder later were not respected as they should. If I had been a dictator, I would have been less wrong. During all this time, I gave the professionals a lot of freedom and they didn't always answer me as I expected.

The worst memory you have?

The ingratitude and hatred of many people caused by scammers and a crowd that supported him from here.

What errors did you fix for not reaching the 2015 administrative decline?

This descent was not my responsibility. There were people who could have stopped him and not him. It was a debt of three million euros to the Tax Agency, while others owed 40 million. There were solutions, such as anticipating the charging of eight million euros for television rights or anticipating the subscription campaign. Why wasn't it done? Do not know. He gave credence to a scammer and the comrades he had in town.

Are you concerned about pending Elche-related studies?

Not cool, but it doesn't worry me. Yes, I want to be resolved soon to turn the page. The damage caused by other people who left was confirmed and not the same; but not me: I will never forgive or forget. I had to play at the time the mayor (Mercedes Alonso), that gulf and the people who came with him. They just gave guarantees and fake promissory notes to cover their own scam. There is now no turning back and the damage is irreparable; but a new stage begins and we all want Elche to rise for the common good. What hurts me most is the hatred that has been generated by a sector towards me.

And if the debt was three million euros and then put a lot more money, why not pay back then?

Because maybe back then I didn't have the economic capacity to do that and now I do. Outside, extraordinary popular pressure was generated to force me out and I stood by. At that time, I had to play the mayor with these scammers.

What can you say about the agreement between Tenama Inversiones and Score Soccer 2019?

This was favorable for all parties: for Elche, for Bragarnik and for me. It is a private contract that we will not disclose. I can only say that the amounts and time are pending the goals the team achieves, so we hope all goes well. Elche's situation is the best since I arrived, what remains to be paid to the Treasury is registered with LaLiga and we are playing very well.

Do you see real options to fight this season for the Primera promotion?

We are seeing that Elche competes all the time. In Cadiz he could win and if he goes on he can fight for everything. The first, however, is 50 points. From there, I hope we can dream like Fuenlabrada or other teams, but always down to earth.

Will you share responsibility for pending sentences with the Brussels or Petxina events?

The only possible liability is the compensation that may be against Elche. In this case, it would be deducted from the overall assessment that was made. It would be an economic contribution rate, not personal responsibilities. In vitro fertilization was not only done with Elche, but with more teams.

Finally, what message do you say goodbye to Elche fans?

I would like to be remembered as a person who sacrificed himself for Elche, even more than due, to help solve his problems. I never made a decision against Elche for my interest, but the opposite: against my inheritance. After everything that happened, I was there to get the creditors' agreement approved and out of Second B. Otherwise, Elche would be in liquidation.