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“If I were Pep Guardiola, I would still be playing today” – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp spoke in an interview about his image as a footballer, saying he was far from convinced of his skills on the pitch.

“I was a fighter, very fast, good volleys and a good head,” the Reds coach described player Jurgen Klopp on Sky Sports, but added: “To be honest, I’ve never had a very good image of myself. I but I liked the game too much to stop, but I hated my football. In my head, I knew what I wanted to do, but my feet didn’t get it on the line.

Klopp can still understand that some of his fellow coaches have found their time as a more handsome player than those who are now on the sidelines: “If I were Pep Guardiola (Manchester City coach) and played football like him, I would be still play ingoning today.”

Jurgen Klopp on himself as a player: “I’ve never had many balls”

The 52-year-old German also had a funny anecdote about his limited kicking skills: “I’ve never had a lot of balls. A few years ago, I met the domestic defender who played next to me for a long time. I said, “You know we played 300 games together and you only played the ball twice?” Even though he was standing right next to me, he just looked at me and decided on the long ball.

Nevertheless, he had always prevailed in the second division of Mainz 05, for which he played from 1990 to 2001. “With all the coaches I’ve had in my 11 years at Mainz, I’ve almost always played. They always found a position for me: I started as a striker, then I was ten years old, for a few games six times. Later, I became a lawyer and I always did for about seven years.